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The relatives of Richard Báez (El Peluquero), who died in a hospital center after being attacked by members of the National Police in the Cienfuegos detachment, in the Santiago Oeste municipal district, today expressed satisfaction with the capture of the alleged murderers.

Pedro Rafael Sánchez, the victim’s father, said he hoped, for the peace of his family and society, that the case would not go unpunished.

He warned that he will not rest until those responsible pay with prison for the crime.

He urged other families to empower themselves and denounce the abuses that, according to what he says, are committed daily in Cienfuegos by police officers against young workers, as happened with his offspring.

Sánchez thanked the authorities of the Public Ministry for the support provided during the process.

By death of Richard Báez were arrested the person in charge of the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim) in Cienfuegos, Captain Manolo Aquino; First Lieutenant Manuel de Jesús de la Cruz and Second Lieutenant Vladimir Joel Jerez Suárez.

They will ask for prison and a complex case

Osvaldo Bonilla, chief prosecutor of Santiago, reported that in the next few hours they will be requesting, before the Permanent Attention judge, preventive detention as a coercive measure and that the case be declared complex.

The three defendants incurred in the crimes of criminal association, homicide and robbery, according to the Public Ministry.

Richard Báez died of blunt head trauma, allegedly caused by police officers who attacked him while he was detained in the Cienfuegos detachment, in the Santiago Oeste municipal district.

Pedro Rafael Sánchez, father of Richard. (FREE DIARY / ANEUDY TAVÁREZ)

According to the National Police, the deceased today was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, which they would have seized during the capture. The report adds that El Peluquero shot at the members of a preventive patrol of the police.

However, the accusation of the Public Ministry specifies that the victim was chased to his house and that he received multiple blows when he tried to reach the door of the house, while screaming and asking his father for help to try to save his life before the attack of the acting police officers.

While he was in the barracks, the victim denounced that the agents had stolen the sum of 35,000 pesos, which he demanded to be returned, but in return he received blows from the police agents.

The cops The defendants even transferred the victim to the Cienfuegos hospital, where the doctor who evaluated him verified that Báez had lacerations in the right temporal area and in both elbows, for which he reported pain. For this reason, she gave Lieutenant Jerez Suarez an order to apply a tetanus agent, a cream and analgesics to the patient, as well as an AP and lateral skull X-ray, an order that the accused hid.

Instead, they returned Báez to a cell in the detachment where they beat him again. Later, they presented him to the medical examiner and to the prosecutor at the National Police headquarters and transferred him to the detention center that operates in the Palace of Justice in Santiago.

While in the center of the Palace of Justice, Báez convulsed and was transferred to the Estrella Ureña hospital, located in front of the building, from where he was referred to the Cabral y Báez Regional Hospital, where he died.

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