Family of UG teacher whose ex-husband ordered to kill will not appeal sentence

Guanajuato capital, Guanajuato.- The family of Celeste Nava Jimenezthe teacher of the U.G. and of the ENES UNAM who was the victim of attempted femicide in capital Guanajuatoaccepted the sentence of 10 years in prison for the three perpetrators of the crime just for peace of mind, especially for her two minor daughters (5 and 10 years old), but they are not satisfied with it.

“It is to close a cycle” and continue with their lives, they shared with A.M.

“We said: ‘For 5 years (which is the minimum sentence for attempted femicide) more, is it worth it?’”, commented Fabiola Nava Jiménez, sister of Light blueadding that his family will not appeal the 10-year sentence for attempted femicide.

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“We stayed with the 10 years. But it was a very difficult decision. And I’m not talking about the money, I’m talking about the worth in years. Because as relatives of Light blueNot even 100 years would be enough to alleviate or repair the loss. And 100 million would not have been enough either. Moreover, there is no monetary amount that is enough to say: ‘ok, with this I am satisfied’. It is priceless, there is no price, it is completely priceless, ”he added in an interview with AM.

Regarding the reparation of the damage, it considered that it is not comprehensive, adequate, or effective, and above all, it is not proportional to the seriousness of the damage caused to Light blue and the consequent impact suffered.

“The state you are in Light blue it is closer to death than to life,” he said during the court hearing on Wednesday, minutes before the sentence they received on Wednesday was issued. Davidex-husband of Light blue and intellectual author of the crime, Mario Y Enriqueperpetrators of the attempted femicide.

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They accept an abbreviated process for the good of Celeste’s daughters

In the interview with A.Mthe sister of Light bluethe teacher victim of attempted femicide, explained that the 724 thousand pesos that she will have to pay Davidex-husband of the victim, for compensation for the damage caused by having his ex-wife killed 12 days after signing the divorce, “it is a very simplistic justice, very superficial, it is an exercise of justice.”

He explained that they accepted the abbreviated process proposed by the Public ministry because the process of taking the trial was very exhausting not only financially, but also emotionally.

They glimpsed what could have been a lengthy trial, which they found particularly worrying for the stability of the daughters of Light bluewho have been attending psychological therapy since their mother’s attempted femicide occurred on October 28, 2020.

‘You are just a file number’: They denounce insensitivity of dependencies

Fabiola Nava also denounced before A.M all the bureaucratic journey that she had to undergo from September 2021 to March of this year to be able to obtain support in kind for cleaning supplies to attend to her sister Light bluewho since the attempted femicide she suffered, is bedridden, unconscious, and who she takes care of.

“You are a file number and they tell you so, but there is a dehumanization in this. Their shoes are too big, they are not looking. I want to make it clear that there is a long way to go in the institutions to take care of the victims, unfortunately this is not a sporadic case”, he lamented.

First it was in the Comprehensive Care Unit for Women (UAIM)of the State Attorney’s Officeand then by the State Commission for Attention to Victims.

“What a waste of resources! And I don’t mean that you don’t get slapped, but this Celeste case is one more number. If you don’t push, the matter falls apart, ”she shared.

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He clarified that the Victim Assistance Servicealso from the State Prosecutor’s Office, but which is another office different from the UAIM, there yes the service was very good, even exemplary. But they informed him that they had an attention limit.

So they sent her to the State Victims Commissiondirected by Jaime Rochín, where they made him lose two months and in the end they did not help him at all.

In September 2021, the Victim Assistance Service sent a letter to State Victims Commission. December came and I had no answer.

“It was a hassle to get the phone. The one that appears on the website is the director’s staff, ”she shared, adding that they also never answered her.

As best she could, Fabiola found a way to communicate at the end of January 2022, but was surprised to be told that the Commission did not have an office and each employee had to use their personal cell phone and work from wherever they could.

In addition, they informed him that they had not received any communication nor were they aware of anything in the case of Light blue.

Which seemed unheard of to Fabiola Nava, because she does not understand how it is possible that the State Attorney’s Office and the State Victims Commission are not interconnected with a system where the second can consult the files of the first.

“Every time you have to start from scratch. And it is the same in the municipal DIF and in the state DIF”, she reproached.

So on January 24 and 26, she had to return her request for support for hygiene items to clean and care for her sister, such as diapers and wipes. And on February 22, she already sent a quote with the addition of including prices and three possible suppliers.

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Finally, they told her that the Commission had no money and sent her to the state DIF, where they told her again that they did not know about her sister’s case.

“I almost ended up crying with that call. Because they told me: ‘We don’t have that job, who sent it? When did he send it?’

While they were looking for the office, they asked him to fill out forms. In the end they did help him, until March 2022, six months after he had made his first request to the State Victims Commission.


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