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Fans worry about Tom Hanks after seizure

Is Tom Hanks (65) seriously ill?

Fans are worried about Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, 65, after he suffered a seizure at the Australian premiere of his new film.

Sydney – Fans worry about Hollywood legend tom hanks (65) after he performed at the Australian premiere of his new movie suffered a tremor.

Is Tom Hanks (65) seriously ill? © Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/dpa

Watchers at the Sydney premiere of new Baz Luhrmann film (59) ‘Elvis’ earlier this month were horrified to see Tom Hanks shaking.

In a video From Hank’s speech about the shooting location Australia, a clear trembling of his right hand can be seen, reports among other things “Daily Mail“.

He tries to support it with the other one, but he can’t completely hide the trembling.

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Fans suspect the popular actor may have Parkinson’s. Others, however, dismiss the tremors as “muscle twitches.”

on Twitter one person wrote: “God forbid it could just be adrenaline and nerves!”

A second concerned fan added: “I love Tom Hanks. I saw him on screen recently and thought he looked very skinny. Hope he’s doing well.”

“He seems to have aged all of a sudden – he’s lost weight,” commented a third.

What exactly the symptom is about is still unclear. Hanks has not yet commented on the matter.

In the new movie “Elvis,” Hanks plays Tom Parker, the singer’s manager. plays the main role Austin Butler (30). The strip can be seen in cinemas from June 23rd.

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