Trintignant has played over 130 film roles.  Of course, the most famous is “Man and Woman”.  A frame from the final film of the trilogy, released in 2020 (this was the last picture in the actor's career)"

Trintignant has played over 130 film roles. Of course, the most famous is “Man and Woman”. A frame from the final film of the trilogy, released in 2020 (it was the last picture in the actor’s career)”

I go to the Figaro website and I don’t understand anything. There is no news of Trintignant’s death on the screen. Meanwhile, he has played over 130 film roles. Of course, the most famous is “Man and Woman”. But there were others – for example, the merciless “Conformist” Bernardo Bertolucci. Or “Zeta” by Costa-Gavras, one of the most sensational political dramas of the 60s. Or “Merry Sunday” – the last film of Francois Truffaut. “Police Story” by Jacques Deray, where he starred with Alain Delon. Lani by Claude Chabrol. “Is Paris on fire?” and “The Run of the Hare through the Fields” by Rene Clement…

It was a strange man. Maybe not very handsome, but smart. In the 90s he came to Moscow, was already elderly and somehow resembled an alligator. He then starred in Red, the final film of the Three Colors trilogy, with Krzysztof Kieślowski, a Polish director. The photographer brought pictures to KP – I remember a fantastic portrait that seems to cut off all further ways of approaching a person.

Alexander Monakhov, at that time a KP film critic who interviewed Trintignant for the newspaper, recalls: “We met twenty years ago at the Cinema House. They promised almost in the office of Julius Gusman, the then boss. The office was closed. The other one too. Jean-Louis waited patiently for five minutes, ten, twenty. There were no keys to anything. But he didn’t even say a word. Even with a gesture, he did not show not only displeasure, but even surprise. Dark blue suit of an outdated look. A tie… So ordinary that you can’t remember it with all your will. Quiet tone of voice. Even when he smiled, it was like with some effort. Trintignant seemed to say with all his appearance: my shell does not matter. So we talked about what makes sense and communicates important things – about his films. A sad, intelligent pro who had a nice conversation about cinema in the corridor of the House of Cinema.

A smart look did not save his daughter Marie, who was killed out of jealousy. The tragedy happened in Vilnius. Rocker Bertrand Kant flew there. Kind of boyfriend. A very jealous and fickle rocker. As always, the parents believed that they had settled everything in their turbulent relationship, talked with whomever they needed … But this was not the case, and one day Marie Trintignant was found in a coma. Death came very soon. Marie had four sons, the youngest was only five.

Since then, Jean-Louis Trintignant has always stepped aside from everything. Didn’t trust anyone else. He could not survive that tragedy and openly said that Marie’s death was the catastrophe of his whole life.

And once in his biography there was a wonderful story “Men and Women”. Gold at Cannes in 1966. I saw this movie, it’s great. Just not cinematic. In the USSR, “Man and Woman” was personally allowed by Furtseva – she looked, was surprised, slammed her fist on the table, ordered to be released. Even the sex scene of the Minister of Culture did not scare, she wanted to show people a movie about life. Trintignant was dubbed by Vyacheslav Tikhonov, his partner Anouk Aime – Nina Menshikova, so it suddenly became some kind of sound alternative for the film “We’ll Live Until Monday”.

In Man and Woman, Claude Lelouch let his actors chat about whatever they wanted. The budget was small, Trintignant, together with Anouk Aimé, smoked and talked in front of the camera. About something on the script. About something – under a cigarette. About dogs, for example. Or about cinema. They seem to be perfect for each other, they seem to be together in the final, but how long will their relationship last? This is the question. Claude Lelouch then made two sequels to “Men and Women”, where he talked about what happened next, but these sequels are forgotten – the question that hung at the end of the first film turned out to be more interesting than the answer.

In life there was, for example, a story about Brigitte Bardot. Jean-Louis played with Brigitte in the film And God Created Woman. Bardo knew that Trintignant was married. But it meant nothing to her. Yes, she was herself the wife of director Roger Vadim, who “made” her, as they say in these circles. But Bardot was in love, and so was Jean-Louis. Roger Vadim also loved his woman and finished the film in a depression. However, after the premiere, everything turned out perfectly: Brigitte is a celebrity, the director is in demand, and Jean-Louis lives with the most famous blonde in France in a rented apartment. Then Jean-Louis was drafted into the army, and while Trintignant served, Bardot found herself a new man. Famous, of course…

Trintignant lived for a long time: he died in the 92nd year, next to his relatives, in the same place where he was born – in the town of Gard. French critics say about him: “His strength was his timidity.” In front of a movie camera, including. That’s how he was persuasive.

After the murder of his daughter, he practically said goodbye to the cinema. He made three exceptions: he starred with Michael Haneke in Love, he also starred in Happy End, and yielded to the persuasion of Claude Lelouch – he played in the third part of Men and Women. Then he officially announced that he was leaving the cinema forever. Now this is quite accurate: FOREVER.

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