Father who killed daughters questioned for almost four hours: "He is a broken man"
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Chris Vanhaverbeke, 44, who killed his daughters Ona (5) and Maud (8) in Waardamme in West Flanders on Wednesday evening, has been arrested by the investigating judge for double infanticide. The man was involved in a confrontational divorce and it was hard against hard for custody of the children. When he learned that he might lose his children, his fuses tripped.

Annelies Baeten, Arne Franck, Dirk Coosemans and Jelle Houwen

Chris Vanhaverbeke was questioned by the investigating judge for almost four hours on Friday. “My client is very sorry,” says Frederiek Wauters, the man’s lawyer. “He realizes what he has done and is a broken man. He is cooperating well with the investigation and has answered every question from the investigating judge. He went over the facts in minute detail.”

Vanhaverbeke killed his daughters on Wednesday evening by suffocation. He killed his one daughter in the house where he lived with his ex-wife until recently, and he killed her sister in the adjacent holiday home that they rented out. Perhaps so that one of them wouldn’t have to watch her sister’s agony and panic.

The couple had been embroiled in a serious divorce for several months. The motive can also be found there. In addition to the division of the possessions, custody of the children was also a matter of serious concern. On Monday evening, the man was told that he might lose his daughters. Then his fuses would have blown and he conceived the plan to kill them.

In the meantime, the municipality of Oostkamp has set up a place of silence in honor of the deceased girls. The man was arrested by the investigating judge for double infanticide. He will appear before the council chamber on Tuesday, which will decide on his further detention.

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