Father's Day: Children of celebrities show if they inherited his talent

Mexico.- Although it is very common for the children of the stars of the entertainment world to want to follow in their footsteps, there are currently a good number of young people who stand out either in acting or in music with the talent that was inherited from them.

Such is the case of Ángela Aguilar, the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, who in recent months has been on everyone’s lips, mainly because of her powerful voice and her fidelity to the Mexican regional genre.

In fact, this week, Ángela Aguilar led the nominations for the Premios Juventud by standing out in seven categories: “Female Artist – On The Rise”; “Best Regional Mexican Song” for “Ahí Donde Me Ven”; “Female Youth Artist”; “Mexican Regional Album of the Year” for “Mexicana Enamorada”; “Best Regional Mexican Fusion” for “Ella Que Te Dio” with Jesse & Joy; “Female Youth Album” and “Best Fandom”.

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However, others have been criticized for being singled out because it is only thanks to their parents’ fame that they have participation on the screen.

Ángela Aguilar has shown that the talent of the Aguilar Dynasty runs through her veins. Photo: Instagram

Angela Aguilar

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar He cannot deny that through his veins he carries the talent to interpret regional music, and not only by inheritance from his father, but from his grandparents. Wild flower Y Tony Aguilar. At 18 years old, the young woman already has great experience on stage by being part of her father’s shows. But without a doubt, her solo career started at the León Fair 2022, when the interpreter successfully debuted in the palenque. In addition, she was already nominated for the Grammy Awards, she competes in several categories at the Premios Juventud and recently she was named cultural representative of Zacatecas.

Mía Rubín decided to follow in the footsteps of her father, Erik Rubín, as a singer. Photo: Instagram

Mia Rubin Legarreta

The daughter of Erik Rubin Y Andrea Legarreta begins to gain notoriety in the musical field, since it is currently part of the Cumbia Machine Tour, in which La Sonora Santanera, La Sonora Dinamita, Lupillo Rivera, Kalimba, Erik Rubín, Ely Guerra, Mía Rubín, Rubén Albarrán, Víctor García and Venus.

Emilio Osorio makes his way into singing and acting, but in networks they criticize that his father, the producer Juan Osorio, always puts him in his projects. Photo: Instagram

Emilio Osorio Marcos

Son of the producer of Televisa, John Osorioand the actress Niurka Marcos, the 19-year-old actor and singer has already participated in several soap operas and television programs. However, he has been the target of criticism because his father has ‘put’ him in many of his soap operas. “Because love rules”, “My heart is yours”, “Dream of love”, “My husband has a family” and “What’s wrong with my family?”, recorded in Guanajuato, among other melodramas produced by Juan Osorio part of your resume. He also managed to reach the final of the reality show “Who is the mask?”, and his most recent work was as a protagonist in the series “El Último Rey”, about the life of Vicente Fernández, where he played Alejandro Fernández, a role that it has received multiple criticisms for ‘not giving the width’.

Bárbara Mori and Sergio Mayer Bretón gave his support to Sergio Mayer Mori to venture as an actor, but he has not convinced. Photo: Instagram

Sergio Mayer Mori

Although the son of the former deputy Serge Mayer and the actress Barbara Mori He is not lacking in praise for his physical attractiveness, nor is he lacking in criticism for his lack of talent. The 28-year-old, who has already made his famous parents grandparents, is one of the protagonists of the new version of “Rebelde” made by Netflix, which although it was announced with ‘hype and saucer’ has not had the expected success. And it is precisely his role that has not convinced the public, because on the day of the premiere, social networks made him a trend for pointing out his lack of talent as an actor.

Lucerito Mijares has already made it clear that he has great talent as a singer. Photo: Instagram

Lucerito Mijares

daughter of singers bright Star Y Emmanuel Mijares, the 17-year-old has already shown that she inherited the talent, and it was precisely with her father that she began to take her first steps in music. In May 2019, she entered the studio to record “Vencer al amor”, a song that she made as a gift for her father’s birthday and since then she has made several collaborations with Mijares and Lucero.

José Eduardo Derbez seems to be the only one who dedicated himself to comedy, like his father. Photo: Instagram

Jose Eduardo Derbez

The smallest of the sons of Eugenio Derbezwho was born from the ‘sham marriage’ of the actor and director with Victoria Ruffo, was the one who inherited his comic streak, unlike his half-siblings Aislinn and Vadhir. José Eduardo, 29, made his debut on television very young for the program “Derbez en tiempo” in a sketch by Aarón Abasolo. He has appeared in several soap operas and has participated as a host in Members on the Air, but this 2022 he premiered his first leading role, it is the series “My Uncle”, available on Prime Video, in addition to doing dumbbell in the third season of LOLalong with his dad.

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