Father Hugo Tagle

Father Hugo Tagle

Next Sunday the 19th we celebrate Father’s Day. The same day that Corpus Christi is celebrated. A happy coincidence, since the mystery of Jesus that is given to us in the Eucharist tells us a lot about what a father should be for his children: dedication, generous dedication, willing to give his life for his children and family. .

I recommend all parents to have “a cable to heaven”; a connection with the Creator, source of life, strength and wisdom. Being parents today is not an easy task, so divine assistance and support are never too much.

“The excuse of giving “quality” time does not work. With children, especially small ones, you have to know how to waste time”.

Chile has the sad record of being one of the OECD countries with the highest number of dysfunctional families, in which children grow up only with their mother, grandmother or aunt. The paternal presence is low and on many occasions null. In short, it is true that it is better not to have a father than a bad one. Their absence or bad example is a source of disorientation, abandonment, insecurities and rebellion. The insane, abnormal, street violence in demonstrations, schools and neighborhoods that we have suffered in recent years and increased in this one, is largely rooted in that affective lack, accumulated rage at the abuse of parents who should never have been, domestic violence, ill-treatment, shouting and hitting.

But let’s accentuate the good. I thank and congratulate the “all terrain” dads, those who are 24/7 in dedication, attention and affection; who have taken seriously their work of guidance, support and insurance. Children do not need “a friend” in their father. They find that at school or in the neighborhood. They need a dad who encourages, leads, corrects and not infrequently, reprimands. If it must be corrected, it will be done with care, moderation, but at the same time with firmness and security.

A couple of tips: first, pay attention to the children. The excuse of giving “quality” time does not work. With children, especially small ones, you have to know how to waste time. It takes hours of patient dedication and care.

Paternity combines wise demand, discipline, with tenderness and delicacy. The education of children begins in the cradle, in the dining room, in the day-to-day advice. Respectful and upright citizens come from families with good home habits, respect and dignity. The expectation that schools “fix them” is wrong and unrealistic. The first “place of dignity” is in the family itself, at the dining room table, in the after-dinner conversation.

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day well. Let us ask the good father God to help all dads in his noble task, so that they may be referents of generosity, dignity, respect and joy.

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