'Fats' of the CGT align with Guzmán in the official internal

The internal that the Government goes through, with its comings and goings, has an impact on the CGT, whose tribes watch closely everything that happens between the high of the Front of All and continue to take position. Some groups publicly mark ground, while others remain silent so as not to further fuel divisions. Those closest to Moyanism ask for more “political decision.”

The chiefs of the central continue to criticize the actions of Kirchnerism under their breath. They believe that it does not help at all to “play internal” in this context and that they are doing everything possible to lose the elections in 2023.

“They are kamikazes”, defined an experienced leader, in dialogue with PROFILE, the movements of those supporters of Cristina Kirchner. And they align themselves with those officials questioned by the toughest wing of the Frente de Todos: Martin Guzman, Matías Kulfas and Claudio Moroni. Regarding the former, they indicate that “he is a very good minister, that he managed in a pandemic and today he has to deal with an adverse international context. Inflation is a global problem right now”.

For the CGT, the situation in the country “is worrying” and the parity and bonds are “temporary relief”

Regarding the Minister of Productive Development, they realize, as reflected in a document that they signed together with the Casa Rosada and the UIA, that the policy that is addressed in terms of production “allows improve industrial and technological capabilities usually”. And that the launch of Productive Argentina Plan 2030a work from the portfolio of Kulfasbegins a stage “to agree on policies for productive development in the medium and long term”.

“There are all the ways to guarantee the purchasing power of wages”

From Moroni value your dialogue capacity and highlight the reopening of parity which was implemented so that wages do not lose purchasing power in the face of escalating inflation. The words of the Secretary of Industry and Production of the Azopardo plant, Rodolfo Daer, of the Food Union, give weight to this statement: “There are all ways to guarantee the level of purchasing power of wages,” he said this Friday, after his last salary negotiation in a note with FM La Patriada.

For the historic union reference, “the power that the State has through the Ministry of Labor” must be recognized and that it was “the first time” that they did not mount a force measure to achieve a salary increase.

April inflation: terror by the ghost that stirs another rise of 6% monthly

In this framework, the guilds that belong to the powerful Argentine Transportation Confederationwhich leads the railway Sergio Sasia, a group of organizations that are part of the orbit of Moyanism, raise differences. They admit the contact with leaders of the Front of All, in fact they hope to arrange a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Alexis Guerrera, shortly, but they believe that it is time to “face the issues with greater political decision because there are sectors with many urgencies”.

Specifically, as Sasia commented to this medium, a further planning and advance in a Federal Transportation Law. “It is necessary to stop and observe this new reality, interpret the claims, distinguish priorities, modernize the ministerial agenda and execute actions without delay,” said Sasia, who occupies the Housing Secretariat of the plant.

While the leaders who form a column in Kirchnerism do not stop demanding major actions, such as a general increase in wages by decree, and they want a CGT with a different profile. “You have to begin to see a more critical and tougher position of the CGT in relation to what is happening,” warned Sergio Palazzo, whose joint negotiation ended with praise from Cristina.

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