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Jonathan Morell remains silent and with a low profile. Gone are the days when he led anti-Kirchner marches with gallows and torches in Plaza de Mayo while Justice advances in the investigation to establish what is behind the Federal Revolution, its financing and if it had anything to do with the attack on Cristina Kirchner.

In this framework, the federal judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi urged in recent days to the low cost airline FlyBondi to report if Morel, leader of the Federal Revolution, traveled anywhere in the country in the last year. The magistrate wants to know if there was a trip, when it was, how many, how the tickets were paid and so on. The objective; check if he traveled to Vaca Muerta, in Neuquén.

It is worth remembering that in recent months it came to light that the company caputo brothersa renowned firm in the real estate business, had contracted the services of the Dogo de Adrogué carpentry to assemble furniture for two real estate projects, one of them known as Añelo, in the vicinity of the gas exploitation.

They prosecute a former soldier, member of the Federal Revolution and neighbor of Máximo Kirchner

The request to the private firm had already been sent, but now the judge insisted on a deadline.

Martínez de Giorgi, as reported by Argentine Newsmaintained in the statement that “within five days, please provide all the receipts that you have in relation to the issuance of tickets in the name of Jonathan Ezequiel Morel during the current year”.

He also asked for a detail on the method of payment and the identity of the purchaser as well as all the tickets paid jointly in the same operation”.

Caputo brothers denied having financed the Federal Revolution

How is the case going?

It is worth remembering that in that file Morel was detained along with other members of the organization as Gaston Guerra, Leonardo Sosa and Sabrina Basile. However, after a short time they were released after a ruling by the Federal Chamber.

The judge suspects that Morel traveled on a FlyBondi flight.

During the investigation, one of the issues addressed in the context of the organization’s financing track was the hiring of Caputo Hermanos. Morel recounted on that occasion that he had been in Añelo, Dead cowinstalling furniture that he provided for a building built by that firm.

These services, according to Morel, could be specified from a contact he had with Rossana Pia Caputosister of the president of the company, Flavio Caputo. On the trip to the south, not only did Morel travel but there were also three other people who accompanied him, which is why in the recent request to the airline the judge requested “the identity of the respective passengers”.

Although he is free, Morel has just been detained on pretrial detention and being prosecuted for being part of a group that seeks to impose its ideas and/or silence those of others by force or fear. The file also investigates the statements of him and other members of the group in which they spoke of kill Vice President Cristina Kirchner and her son, the national deputy Máximo Kirchner.


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