Fernando Gago, Federico Insua and Martin Palermo

the columnist of F90 (ESPN), Federico Bulosrevealed this Tuesday an infidelity of a dialogue that he had with the coach of River Plate, Marcelo Gallardo, and admitted that he has a pending account with the technical director of the millionaire team. “With El Muñeco I would need a coffee”, He said after explaining that he usually talks to different DTs at snack time.

“I sent an audio to ‘Muñeco’ and he answered me with an audio, and he said: ‘Hello Negro’”. There, his companions burst out laughing at the joy that Bulos manifested. For example, Marcelo Sottile stated: “That he takes the ‘hello black’ as a huge merit…”. While, Diego “Chavo” Fucks launched: “My friend Jorge ‘Carna’ Crivelli saw her 20 years before” in relation to his colleague’s ‘Cholulism’.

At the same time, Bulos warned: “I don’t record anything, it’s learning about soccer.” At that time, the show’s host, Sebastian Vignolo, told him: “If you go to a café and you are making a hidden camera, are you crazy? What do you want to get out of training, a method?”. The narrator then replied: “It’s a phenomenon. I would love to learn”.

A while before, the journalist had been consulted by “Pollo” about his preference between racing club Y Aldosiviwho this Tuesday faced each other for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup. At that point, the rapporteur explained that he has a good relationship with both of them, but that he is linked by a deeper relationship with one of them: “I love them both very much. I love Martin more because I know him since I was little. It’s from my neighborhood, from my area. Close friend”. Both were born in the City of La Plata.

Later, the journalist recounted the importance of the “Titan” at the beginning of his career as a journalist. “When I started working on this, I didn’t have a car, and Martín took me in his car to the country of Estudiantes (LP) to cover”. There, as a joke, Vignolo asked him: “And he, does he still remember you? Does he know you’re a TV star? More seriously, Federico replied: “I Ryduan Palermo (NdeR: MP’s son) I held him in my arms.” This is the eldest son of the “goal optimist”, who also works as a footballer, and even occupies the same position on the field as his father. Without false modesty, the panelist ruled that Palermo “adores” him, as does his entire family.

Fernando Gago, Federico Insua and Martin PalermoArchive

On the other hand, he explained that his relationship with the former coach of Boca Juniors, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, deteriorated, and made a self-criticism. “We are distant. I was wrong and I paid ”she said with a quote from a historic phrase by Diego Maradona in his tribute match.

He also revealed that he gets along very well with the central steering wheel of River Plate, Enzo Perezwho played for many years in Students (LP). He defined the former player of the Argentine national team as a “number one” and assured that he loves him very much.


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