Femicide of Lola Chomnalez: they acquitted "Cachila", accused of concealment

The Rocha judge, Juan M. Giménez Vera, acquitted Ángel Moreira, alias “Cachila”of the crime of concealment in the case for the femicide of Lola Chomnalez. The young woman was 14 years old when she was murdered, in December 2014.

The magistrate ordered the immediate release of the detainee.

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Giménez Vera understood that the Prosecutor’s theory was based on Moreira’s statements who was diagnosed by an expert with a tendency to mythomania. In turn, he questioned the process to which the accused was subjected.

The arrest of the main suspect for the femicide

The judge’s decision to acquit “Cachila” comes a month after the arrest of Leonardo David Senathe main suspect in Lola’s crime.

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