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In his latest post, the former prime minister states that the biggest issue of Hungarian politics is not special:

Are we on a common or separate path with other nations? Do we combine tradition with tomorrow, the nation with universal humanity? We answer yes to these questions. The government says no.

According to Ferenc Gyurcsány, Viktor Orbán has nothing to say about the universal human race, God’s people:

While he knows that Hungarians are a nation of mixed worlds, like all of them, but still: he talks about Hungarian specialness and selectivity in a Nazi way, and acts like this. In our opinion, the Hungarian is better then and only to the extent, if at all, if his performance is better than others. Just because he is Hungarian, he does not deserve any glory. Orbán is lying to the contrary. If you are Hungarian, you are better. It is a program of individual and national failure. You don’t have to fulfill it, if you’re Hungarian, you’re a winner.

The President of the DK goes so far as to state that “Orbán is a Nazi politician, because he considers the Hungarians to be a race, chosen, superior, and himself the chosen being above the human world”. He also writes of the prime minister as “a political monster, mentally ill”.

Your entry at the end Ferenc Gyurcsány returns to his first thought that the big questions of the national, human path are actually the following: “Where should we go? Who you are? What should the country be like?”

After Viktor Orbán’s speech in Tusványós – in which he spoke of a “mixed race world” – Ferenc Gyurcsány wrote in a July post that the Prime Minister’s “Nazi text excludes us from the world of honest peoples”.

(Cover photo: Ferenc Gyurcsány. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)