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“In the ring spinning machine of the former Pápai Textile Factory, the women – men didn’t work much with the machines – tied the thread again in an instant, and when the bobbin was ready, they took down and put back the empty ones,” started his Facebook post Ferenc Gyurcsány, the Democrat Coalition President.

The former(?) producer cooperative of the Vaszar settlement near Pápa employed children in the summer in the currant and raspberry fields. They gathered us in front of the Reformed church in the morning and back in the evening. They gave 2.50 per kilo of currants and 3.00 for raspberries. I didn’t understand how, while I gained ten kilos a day, the local women managed to gain at least forty. But that was indeed the case. By the end of August, one way or another, I had the money to start school

– the former Prime Minister started his political post.

After reminiscing about his childhood, he turns to politics, saying that politics is the business of all of us and “in fact, your decision whether or not to participate in public life is only apparent, because if you don’t participate, it’s also an action. It is not mandatory to work in a textile factory. You have your country even if you don’t want to notice it,” said Gyurcsány.

According to the president of the Democratic Coalition, thinking about public affairs, creating common plans, organizing, and serving the country are only seemingly optional duties.

According to him, this is precisely why politics is not like the learned profession of factory workers. It is not like the talent of those who work in the fields. Our shared knowledge and destiny cannot be transferred to others.

A wandering government

According to Ferenc Gyurcsány, “the most important part of doing politics may not be learnable after all.” Because it is a complicated mixture of knowledge, experience, morality, because there is more common wisdom than individual talent”.

Action is more important than will, understanding is more important than reading, and seeing is more important than understanding

– said the former prime minister, who ended his post by saying that the reason for today’s government’s wanderings and errors is that it can no longer see. He’s just groping. According to him, other people are also like this, and at the same time, according to him, it has become clear again that you don’t need sunlight to see.

(Cover photo: Ferenc Gyurcsány. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)