Ferrari 1-2.  In Miami, Red Bull bleeded overseas

It will make its debut at a new venue this year at the Miami International Autodrome in the Formula One field at Hard Rock Stadium. The characteristics of the track are similar to those in Interlagos, Brazil, the direction of travel is counterclockwise. It is a dynamic track with countless underground sections, tricky bends and narrow lines.

Due to the scarcity of space at the Florida venue, the narrow city track, and the particularly fast-paced sections, it wouldn’t be surprising if a safety car would be included in the race.

The F1 sense of life is beginning to seep into the United States, and the “Miami vibe” is penetrating the field. The pilots have already caused countless smiling moments in the paddock. Lewis Hamilton, for example, showed off all his existing jewelry and watches. Vettel even pulled on his underpants over his overalls, protesting the FIA’s restrictions. McLaren pilots also took shape, marching in a crop top in the paddock for a U.S. late night show shoot.

Surprisingly, the best lap time on Friday’s free practice was produced by Mercedes, with George Russell being the fastest. On Saturday’s final practice, however, Segio Pérez was already in the lead, and Esteban Ocon smashed the Alpine in such a way that the French driver was forced to miss the time trial.

The Woking Guard has not secretly brought countless innovations to Miami, which may have already given rise to optimism. Mercedes has been given new low-pressure front and rear wings, and the so-called “beam wing” on both sides of the exhaust has also been modified.


In real tropical heat, the field started the timer. The air temperature was 33 degrees and the asphalt reached 54 degrees.

The Haas Ferraris started their fast laps first, but the Red Bulls flashed on the first try, with Max Verstappen leading the way with a time of 1: 30.235. The Mercedes again struggled with the banging of the nose of the car, the so-called dolphin, yet Russell came in third, Hamilton was only 12th at the time. Leclerc finally put Verstappen behind him, taking the lead with 1: 29.474 from Monaco, and he won Q1 with that time.

Lewis Hamilton stood out in the final minutes, leaving the seven-time world champion with a try. Mick Schumacher’s parade time came with Haas which was the eighth place for the young German. Hamilton also ran his lap, with the British finishing in fifth position and Fernando Alonso in sixth.

Surprisingly, Kevin Magnussen, who had performed so well so far, was among the losers, but Zoo Kuan, Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi also said goodbye.


The two Ferraris opened in the lead, in Sainz-Leclerc order. In the 10th minute, however, the Red Bulls took the lead, Verstappen ran the best time of the weekend, with the Netherlands finishing 1: 29.202.

Hamilton showed a strong pace again, coming up in fifth place, Mercedes’s improvements seemed to be effective in terms of scoring on Sunday. Charles Leclerc jumped to the edge at the last minute, one tenth ahead of Verstappen’s best time.

There was a big battle view of Q3. Norris, Stroll, Schumacher, Vettel and Ricciardo were also among the losers before the final attempts, eventually Norris and Stroll also made it to the Top 10, while Alonso and Russell said goodbye. Norris completed a huge lap, with British talent coming in third.

In the end, Alonso, Russell, Vettel, Ricciardo and Schumacher were the Q2 dropouts.


Leclerc opened Q3 with 1: 29,055, which Verstappen immediately surpassed, with the Dutch world champion leading the way with 1: 28,991. After the first attempts, Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Pérez and Bottas were in the top five.

The field was in no hurry, there were two minutes left when the cars set off for the last try.

Charles Leclerc started the last fast laps, who was immediately faster than the Dutch in the first sector, Sainz ran an even better sector time, the Spaniard had a great chance to get the pole. The two Ferraris eventually ran a brilliant time and took the lead, with Charles Leclerc becoming the first pole position in Miami. Sainz finished second and Verstappen could start in third place in Sunday’s race.

Same Tip:

In Miami, based on Friday’s race simulations, Ferrari has some pace of pace, but that’s exactly what Verstappen can still compensate with his abilities. There will be a close clash and we didn’t even talk about the possibilities of making mistakes then. The track will be new, with a complicated line, the tire handling will be key, and Ferrari had problems last time.

Post-timer interviews

Charles Leclerc:

The atmosphere is crazy, it’s great to see so many fans in the stands. I did well today, I’m starting from pole, but I have to finish work tomorrow. Red Bull is faster on the straights, but we dominate the curves. We hope to have a good pace tomorrow. “

Carlos Sainz:

I had a bigger accident yesterday, I had to regain my confidence. I ran a good lap in Q3, but it wasn’t enough for first place. It’s going to be interesting tomorrow, everyone’s first experience of this track, but I have a feeling we’re good.

Max Verstappen:

This third place is basically not bad. This track is hard, it was hard to learn too. We did a good job compared to Friday, we have a chance to win. Our top speed is good, the car is good and although it will be warmer in principle than on the timer, I am confident that the tires will behave well. “

The program of the Miami Grand Prix ends with a race starting at 9.30 pm Hungarian time on Sunday.

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