Ferrari writes off Charles Leclerc's engine: rival of World Cup leader Max Verstappen has to move ten places back on the starting grid


Ferrari has announced in the run-up to the Grand Prix weekend in Canada that the engine, which Charles Leclerc used in Baku last week, is beyond repair. The Monegask has to be ten places back on the starting grid on Sunday.

Erik van Haren

Leclerc retired in Baku while he was in the lead. In May, his engine also gave up in Barcelona. Then Ferrari ‘only’ wrote off two engine parts: the turbo and the MGU-H.

“One possible investigation into the engine’s failure is that it may have arisen as a result of the problem in Spain,” Ferrari said in a statement. “We are now working on countermeasures to strengthen the package and the situation is under control.”

Things are already getting tricky for Leclerc when it comes to engine parts. Drivers are allowed to use three engines per season without incurring grid penalties. As far as turbos are concerned, the Monegask already had three components. If Leclerc uses a new turbo in Montreal, he will receive a grid penalty of ten places. He started the first free practice session in Montreal with ‘just’ a new bike. He may opt for a new turbo later this weekend.

“We are certainly not in the best situation,” Leclerc said during the press conference yesterday. “We’re looking at something handy. It’s true that you can overtake well here, so that can be important and we’ve talked about that, but in the next three or four races we’ll also come across tracks that are good to overtake. We haven’t made a decision for the race yet.” That decision was made today. The Ferrari driver will have to move back ten places on the starting grid on Sunday.

Given the maximum number of engines, Leclerc will in any case run into more penalties later in the season. Max Verstappen only started using a new power source in Baku.

Yuki Tsunado will receive a grid penalty anyway. He uses a completely new engine in Canada and will have to start the race from last place.

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