Cars parked on the street where the fetus was found.  (Photo: Jornal da Nova)
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Fetus was found on August 15, but the police have only now completed an investigation

By Karine Alencar | 11/17/2022 18:05

Cars parked on the street where the fetus was found. (Photo: Jornal da Nova)

Fetus found by employees of the sanitation concessionaire, inside a sewage network on August 15, in Nova Andradina, is of a 17-year-old teenager. The information was revealed by police chief Caio Bicalho, who conducted the investigations.

According to him, the person responsible was identified and told that she had decided to terminate the pregnancy at five months, when she discovered the pregnancy. Questioned, she claimed to have acted by her own means. “She did not seek medical care, she researched medication and ended up having an abortion,” said the delegate in an interview with Campo Grande News🇧🇷

Asked by the investigation team, she said that she did not have the help of friends or family. She will respond freely for an offense similar to abortion. The inquiry was completed this week and will be forwarded to the MP (Public Ministry).

The case- The servers were cleaning the pipe at the intersection of Rua André Loyer and Avenida José Heitor de Almeida Camargo, when they found the approximately 25 cm fetus.

After carrying out expertise at the place where the fetus was found, the baby was sent for necropsy at the IML (Legal Medical Institute).

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