Fiala is still not sure about appointing Hladík as minister.  I want time, he told Zeman
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He first wants to be sure that all the ambiguities surrounding Hladík will be explained and that this deputy chairman of the KDU-ČSL will be able to devote himself fully to his work at the head of the ministry. Fiala told journalists after Thursday’s working dinner with the president at the castle in Lány.

Hladík is to replace party colleague Anna Hubáčková as minister, who resigned at the beginning of October due to health reasons. The appointment of the former deputy mayor of Brno as a minister was complicated by the criminal case of the allocation of city apartments in Brno.

“I am convinced that the situation still requires some time. It’s not months, it’s weeks. I have to have inner certainty that I am presenting to the President of the Republic such a proposal that is in accordance with my consciousness and conscience and is good for the Czech Republic,” said the Prime Minister when asked how much time he would need to consider Hladík’s nomination.

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People insist that Hladík take over the ministry, and that as soon as possible. The police did not charge him with anything.

The head of the People’s Party and Deputy Prime Minister Marian Jurečka, who also heads the Ministry of Labour, is now in charge of managing the Ministry of the Environment. After Wednesday’s meeting with the president, he said that Zeman wants to meet Hladík when he receives the official request for appointment. The Deputy Prime Minister estimated that this would happen in the coming days or weeks.

“I assume that Mr. Hladík will meet with the President only when I submit to the President a proposal for his appointment. And I will do it after some time,” Fiala now responded.

According to him, the head of “such an important department as the Ministry of the Environment” should be headed by a person who will be able to devote himself fully to the performance of the function, and not to explaining the problems that will appear in the media. “This attitude is responsible, it corresponds to the spirit of the constitution,” he concluded.

In October, the police also intervened in Hladík’s office due to the city apartments case. Hladík has stated several times that he cooperated with the police and is not accused of anything.

According to Jurečka, he had several weeks to clarify and serious facts that would lead to his accusation did not appear. The leader of the People’s Party reiterated this week that, in his opinion, giving an explanation or cooperating with the police is not a reason to leave political life.

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