Fiat Fastback, unofficial projection.  Photo: Autos Segredos.

Fiat confirmed in the last few hours that the future coupé-style SUV that it is developing in South America will be called Fastback and will be on sale in early 2023. And the first projections did not take long to appear.

The Brazilian portal Autos Segredos published two sketches that imagine what the Fiat Fastback could look like front and back, considering the design language that the Italian brand has been showing in its latest releases.

These renderings project a grille with a honeycomb surface, Led headlights, black plastic protections in the lower body area, roof bars, dual exhaust outlet and multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Fiat Fastback, unofficial projection. Photo: Autos Segredos.
Fiat Fastback, unofficial projection.  Photo: Autos Segredos.
Fiat Fastback, unofficial projection. Photo: Autos Segredos.

What will the Fiat Fastback be like?

By sharing structure with the Press, will have a high percentage of exterior and interior elements in common, and that the difference between the two will lie exclusively in the format of the silhouette. In the coupé, logically, the roof will have a very pronounced fall.

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The rival of the Fastback would be the Volkswagen Nivus, which can be considered an “SUV Coupé” version of the T-Cross, although the Fiat one would be a few centimeters larger. It is a new trend that is increasingly seen in the markets not only in Latin America but also in the world.

The engine of this model will be the 1.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 175 horsepower which made its debut in the new Fiat Toro. It is a novel engine, belonging to the GSE family, which promises better performance in relation to the current gasoline engines used by the Italian brand’s cars. The range would offer only automatic versions and with simple traction.

Fiat Fastback: this would be the design of the future SUV with coupé style

Internally named Project 376, it is estimated that the entry versions will offer the 120-horsepower 1.0-liter gasoline engine already seen in the Pulse. In this case the box would be automatic CVT.

Based on rumors (for now, Fiat did not reveal details of this product or openly confirm its production), it will be 4.36 meters long and 1.72 wide, with a longer wheelbase than the Fiat Cronos (2 .52 meters). The wheels will be 17-inch alloy wheels with 205/65 R17 tires.

While on the outside at the moment it was only seen camouflaged, the first spy images of the interior have already appeared.

From the images it is clear that it will have a key with recognition with push-button start, and what are supposed to be better quality materials. According to reports, the model will be larger than the Pulse, to be located just below the Compass. That means yeswould exceed the 2.52 meter wheelbase of Cronos, Argo and Pulse.

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