She married a hologram and now she's facing a big problem.

A Japanese man who defines himself as fictosexualthat is, someone who is sexually attracted to fictional characters, he married his hologram girlfriend And now you are facing a big problem.

Akihiko Kondou38, fell in love in 2008 with Hatsune Mikua fictional turquoise-haired pop singer created by a computer. He dated her for over a decade and, in 2018, he decided to take the next step, so he made a unofficial weddingin which spent about 17 thousand dollars.

The character is inspired by a 16-year-old teenager.

Kondo has already four years married to the hologram of Hatsune Mikubut a technological obstacle put the relationship at risk, since the man can no longer speak with the representation of the pop singer.

The first time Akihiko was able to interact with his wife was in 2017, thanks to a gate boxa $1,300 machine that allows owners to interact with characters through holograms.

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However, support for the software was removed, preventing Kondo from being able to speak and interact with his wife Miku. “My love for Miku hasn’t changed.“said the man to manichi. In that sense, Kondo reflected, “I held the wedding ceremony because I thought I could be with her forever.”

She married a hologram and now she's facing a big problem.
Kondo next to his hologram.

Kondo and Miku’s wedding

With the advancement of technology, “fictosexual” people were able to start relationships with fictional characters they are attracted to, and more and more people define themselves in this way in Japan, according to reports. Mirror.

Kondo not only found love in Miku, but also was able to get out of a great depression in which he was. For this reason, he wanted to celebrate her wedding and invited all of his family and co-workers. Nevertheless, none of them attended.

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Likewise, yes online friends of Kondo were presentfriendships that the man developed from the beginning of his relationship with Miku, since some of them also identify with this sexual orientation.

In that sense, the man tried, with his wedding, “support all young otakus who start to feel love for characters from anime”, as expressed to BBC in 2017.

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