Fierce internal: Sergio Massa evaluates leaving the Government after the appointment of Daniel Scioli

President Alberto Fernández provided strong public support to social movements and raised a message for his vice, Cristina Kirchnerwith whom he maintains a political confrontation.

In this context, the team REPROFILE communicated with Alexander Gomela journalist accredited at Casa Rosada, who spoke about the Government internship and the possible resignations that could come in the next few hours.

“It was a hectic day after Cristina Kirchner’s statements”assured Gomel, who later completed: “The president took the opportunity to respond to Cristina, The great differences between both figures of the Government are no longer hidden.

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“Cristina’s speech generated a lot of discomfort in Casa Rosada because he targeted the Evita Movement,” Gomel fired. “We do not know How far will this conflict escalate?complete.

While the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio “Massa is also in dispute and was very angry with the appointment of Daniel ScioliGomel said. “There are leaders of the Renovating Front who are asking for definitions and that he run from his place if he cannot change the course of the Government”, he concluded.

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