Film premieres: The Fabelmans, Divnosvět, Those who dance in the dark, A Christmas Story, Oh, those girls or Fears in us
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The Fabelmans

We get to know little Sammy Fabelman in post-war times in the midst of a loving family. Mom, once a promising pianist, gave up her career and takes care of him and his sisters, Dad is a brilliant electrical engineer, but above all, a loving husband and father. Sammy goes through childhood and adolescence with all its joys and pains, and at the same time discovers and gets to know his great lifelong love – film.

The Fabelmans movie trailerVideo: Vertical Entertainment

The Fabelmans, USA 2022, drama, 151 min., directed by: Steven Spielberg, starring: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Gabriel LaBelle, Seth Rogen and others.

Wonderful world

The Clad family of explorers is trying to fly through an unexplored, treacherous and above all strange world. They are accompanied by a colorful crew of a giant airship, a rascally creature nicknamed Flek and a three-legged dog. Together they have to face not only an unknown environment, but also many strange and omnivorous creatures.

Trailer of the movie DivnosvětVideo: Falcon

Divnosvět, USA, 2022, animated, 103 min., directed by Don Hall

Those who dance in the dark

The winning film of the Warsaw Film Festival empathetically shows the paths of human will, the courage to overcome obstacles and live. Six stories of young blind people that inspire a desire for life, fill with optimism and are not afraid of sarcasm.

Trailer of the documentary Those who dance in the darkVideo: Aerofilms

Those who dance in the dark, Czechia 2022, documentary, 78 min., director: Jana Ševčíková

A Christmas Story

The film presents a number of characters whose fates intersect on Christmas Day. The Skál family is “ruled” by a well-known actress, while the Pazderks discuss uninvited guests and mutual relations, but at the festive table, in the end, everyone gathers as they should.

A Christmas Story movie trailerVideo: CinemArt

A Christmas Story, Czechia 2022, comedy, 123 min., directed by: Irena Pavlásková, starring: Karel Roden, Jiřina Bohdalová, Hynek Čermák, Jiří Lábus, Oldřich Kaiser and others.

Oh, the girls

Welcome to France, the country where rock belongs to women! What if Edith Piaf also stood at the birth of French rock? From 1960s sweet pop to today’s gender-neutral anthems, from 1970s feminist rebels to fashion icons of the social media era, the film mercilessly turns against the patriarchy of the rock scene.

Trailer of the documentary Oh, the girlsVideo: Film Europe

Ah, the girls, France 2019, documentary, 79 min., directed by François Armanet

Fears in us

An acclaimed artist, Daniel lives in his native village in the Polish countryside. He is strongly religious, uses his influence to fight for the interests of local farmers, and feels accepted by his neighbors. Daniel is also gay and believes that the LGBT+ community and the Catholic faith do not have to stand in opposition. But bigotry and fear of otherness are still strongly present among the locals and one day they will graduate in tragedy.

Trailer of the film Fears in UsVideo: Queer Film

Fears in us, Poland 2021, drama, 90 min., directed by: Lukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt, starring: Dawid Ogrodnik, Maria Maj, Andrzej Chyra, Oskar Rybaczek and others.

Stolen airship

An adventure story of five ordinary boys who, somewhat by chance, find themselves in an extraordinary situation. At the Prague Exhibition Center, they will take advantage of the opportunity to fly airships for free and set off on a sensational airship journey. But the owner of the airship twists the whole situation and a ruckus ensues. Journalists are chasing the sensation of a stolen airship, honorable gentlemen are outraged by child crime, and the children’s parents have a hard time defending them before a strict court.

Photo: Bontonfilm, No source

A scene from the movie Stolen Airship

Stolen airship, Czechoslovakia 1966, adventure/fantasy, 88 min., director: Karel Zeman, actors: Michael Pospíšil, Hanuš Bor, Josef Stráník, Jitka Zelenohorská and others.

Showcase of films by Lars von Trier

The work of the extraordinary director and controversial personality of Lars von Trier will be remembered in the films Break the Waves, Idiots, Dance in the Dark, Antichrist and Manderlay.

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