Filmmaker died "Jail OZ" director and actor Glen Trotiner

On June 16, American screenwriter, director, actor and producer Glen Trotiner died at the age of 65 in New York. Deadline reports. The reason and circumstances of the departure of the cinematographer is currently unknown.

Trotiner was born in the Bronx, New York, was educated under the Directors Guild of America program, joined the industry in the mid-80s and was primarily in demand in business as an assistant director. In this capacity, Trotiner worked on more than a hundred projects, making his debut in 1986 on Lumet’s “Power”.

Next – “The Untouchables” by De Palma, “Biloxi Blues”, “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, “Something About Henry”, “Immortality Corporation”, “Hackers” by Softley, “Independence Day” by Emmerich, “Body Parts”, the second “The Blair Witch Project”, “Jail OZ” and “Ambulance”, “Phone Booth”, “The First Avenger”, “Morbius”.

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