Filtered audio of Úrsula Salazar, supposed niece of AMLO, asking for 'moche';  He says it's a dirty war

Tamaulipas.- An investigation was launched after an alleged audio of the deputy was leaked Ursula Patricia Salazar Mojica, supposed niece of the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

In said audio, you can hear Salazar Mojica talk to a supplier from whom he asks for a ‘moche’.

“Let’s see, do you remember that I told you that I occupied cash”, the brunette deputy is heard.

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“As you wish, this, as you wish, that cash went up there, which was 10, right?”, the supplier replies.

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Before ending the call, Salazar mentions that the itemized bills were given to someone with the last name “Santos” for approval and then told the supplier that he should invoice an amount of 100 thousand pesos, of which she should receive 20 thousand pesos. cash.

according to medium northeast, The investigation was initiated by Political Coordination Board of the Legislative Power of Tamaulipas.

Patricia Salazar, supposed niece of AMLO, responds

After the audio was leaked, the Moreno deputy shared a statement in which she mentions that it is “a dirty war.”

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“From the cowardice of anonymity, with a completely false, spurious and tendentious audio, without evidence and without witnesses for a formal accusation, but above all, knowing well the forms and cunning customs of our adversaries to fabricate a dirty war, I can only qualify this action as a fraudulent attempt”, said the deputy.

Ursula Patricia Salazar Mojica accused the political party BREAD of orchestrating “this persecution and intimidation.”

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