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Upholding the decision of the first-instance court, the Capital Court sentenced the man who beat his own father to death with a hammer back in May 2020 to life imprisonment. Although the court announcement did not name him, the victim is the actor István Szilágyi, MTI reported.

According to the announcement on the court’s website, the accused was regularly under alcohol and psychiatric treatment. Previously, he repeatedly abused his father, who lives in the same house as him, on May 3, 2020, he hit him several times in the head with a hammer, and finally he stomped on the man, who died on the spot.

The defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance for murder committed with special cruelty and to the detriment of a person whose ability to prevent the crime was limited due to his old age.

In its review, the court did not find the defendant’s defense that he committed his act in a situation of legitimate defense to be sound, because his mother clearly reported that her son fell on his father, brutally assaulted him, hit him on the head with the hammer several times, and jumped on his chest several times.

The defendant was undergoing psychiatric treatment, but according to the forensic psychiatrist’s expert opinion, his personality disorder did not affect his ability to reason, the jury said in its announcement. As it is written, the first-instance court revealed the guiding factors during the imposition of the penalty and imposed a legal penalty by weighing them correctly.

It was a significant aggravating circumstance in the case, they added, that “the act against the accused’s life was considered many times more serious”, moreover, he had previously also committed his act while serving a suspended prison sentence for abusing his father.