Finally, Disney+ showed us how to make a Predator movie

THE Predator– film series may not need to be introduced to anyone, but if there are those who are not overly fond of sci-fi mixed with horror, here is a brief summary: the franchise began in 1987 with a blockbuster starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which a special commando was commanded by the South American into the jungle to find and rescue their friends in trouble. But instead of trees and beasts and a miserable climate, something much worse lurks in the groin of Dutch Schaefer… a Death Eater from another planet who kills for passion and has come to Earth to collect trophies.

The second Predatorthe critics didn’t like it anymore, and the following acts are probably not even worth talking about. The Alien vs. Predator his idea, along with all its sequels, was a dead end. The talented and the Stranger Things 4 directed by Antal Nimród, who directed both parts, 2010 Predatorsnot too many people lost their brains, it became a terribly forgettable sequel. The 2018 one The Predator and a horrible, funny action comedy. Really, let’s leave them alone, because if the listed films were able to cross the stimulus threshold of 5-10 viewers, we may have already said a lot.

So it is not an exaggeration when we claim that the Predator– series until today, when this article is being written, i.e. until August 5th, it was almost unpopular. Then came the one that was recently presented on Hulu in America and made available on Disney+ in Hungary Prey, with a defibrillator in hand and brought the Predator back to life.

THE Preyt was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who knows how to sneak into big franchises through the back door and create something unexpected. The creative professional is the average, Godzilla-clone, Cloverfield he put together a sequel as brilliant as the minimalist one for the disaster film 10 Cloverfield Lane – who is aware of all this, sits down with excitement by default Prey edge.

What is this new ‘Predator prequel’ on Disney+?

The story takes place in the early 1700s in the territory of the Comanche nation. Naru (Amber Midthunder) and her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) live here, two very strong personalities, for whom the saying that two pipers cannot fit in one tavern is almost true. However, they love each other very much and Taabe is somewhat able to accept that her sister wants to be a warrior like the men. The life of our tribe is turned upside down overnight when the sky opens and something descends among them.

You can find two, what is it. We are a little sorry that it was announced in advance that this is one Predator-film, they could have hidden the matter so that we would be shocked in front of the TV that the killing machine using high-tech gadgets suddenly starts hunting Indians. Speaking of TV: despite the low budget, the Preyt was filmed so beautifully that we regretted not letting this production into cinemas for quite a few scenes. The canvas would have suited him well.

Amber Midthunder, who plays the heroine, the ambitious Naruto, is simply the discovery of the year. The actress plays with restraint, but when necessary, terror, astonishment and heartache appear on her face, as it is written in the big book. Finally, a tough woman who, looking at her, no one will start lamenting about her weight and similar nonsense. True, Naru sometimes stumbles and stumbles and is a novice fighter, but he does take on the gauntlet with that s-head Predator.

THE Prey it’s based on a very simple idea, and the script insists throughout on explaining it simply, without any frills. The whole movie is 90 minutes long, but it spins all the way, and apart from some CGI animals – which look like they were pulled from a 2010 video game – the overall picture is surprisingly cheeky.

We didn’t fall out of our chairs with fright, but the cold did run down our backs, while the Preywe looked at In some places, this Predator movie was finally really disturbing, due to its brutality and brutal executions, it sometimes turned into a sci-fi slasher. We watched excitedly as the Predator chased the Indians, who were trying to change from prey to game. Only one side could emerge victorious from the meeting of the backward age and high-level technology. But who was more determined? We won’t spoil this, watch it if you want a fun Native American sci-fi. Oh, and the one who’s a horror fan. You won’t regret it. We spoke.


Prey is available with Hungarian subtitles on Disney+.

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