Rocco found a new family and will travel to Germany with them.

After several days of waiting, this Tuesday Rocco arrived at Frankfurt airport. The family of Dominic Y sophia He received him with great affection together with a man from Salta named paul palaces.

The man from Salta was wearing a garment that is very typical of the province of Salta: a poncho. He was also wearing an Antoniana Youth jacket. What generated tenderness is that the poncho belonged to Pablo’s daughter and now it will remain for the new pet of the German couple.

The jacket that the Argentine had was a gift for Dominik, Rocco’s new partner. Hereinafter, the dog will leave his sad life behind and will be able to start a new story in which he will receive a lot of love.

Rocco’s trip was hard Y expensivebut it was worth it. The truth is that Domink and Sophia invested a lot of money in renting a car to transport the animal to Buenos Aires five days before traveling and doing the procedures of Senasa (National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality).

Rocco found a new family and will travel to Germany with them. (Facebook: Dominik Weber/)

Also, they had to buy a kennel so that Rocco can travel in the hold and make the 15-hour trip on the plane. After all that, the dog finally arrived at his destination: Frankfurt.

In dialogue with The TribunePaul said that “It was a bit stressful because it came in the winery, they did a lot of entry procedures”. Beyond the difficulties, the man admits that it was “very exciting because he went to see a puppy from my beloved Salta, a city I haven’t been to for more than two years.”

Finally, the man from Salta said that he had already agreed with the new owners of the pet to have a “next meeting and see the couple and Rocco in their new home”.

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