Finland will not receive more electricity from Russia

RAO Nordic Oy, a subsidiary of Russia’s Inter RAO, will suspend power supplies to Finland from zero on 14 May, Fingrid, the Finnish electricity grid operator, said.

“According to RAO Nordic, electricity trading will be suspended due to difficulties in accepting payment for electricity sold on the market,” Fingrid said in a statement. The report quoted by MTI emphasizes that the Finnish electricity market is not in danger, the loss of Russian electricity will be offset by an increase in Swedish transmission and Finnish production.

According to Inter RAO data, Russian electricity exports amounted to 21.77 billion kWh in 2021, the most in the last ten years, according to Kommersant. Of this, exports to Finland accounted for 8.2 billion kWh, or 37 percent of total Russian electricity exports.

On Thursday, the Finnish head of state and the Finnish prime minister announced in a joint statement that Finland must submit its application for membership to NATO without delay. Moscow has responded by taking the necessary countermeasures.

Asked whether Finland would provoke Russia to join NATO, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö replied that Putin was to blame for the whole situation:

My answer would be that you caused it. Look in the mirror.

Traditionally neutral Finland shares 1,300 kilometers of borders with Russia and has so far not considered joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. However, since the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, Helsinki has gradually strengthened its cooperation with NATO since 2014, and the war launched against Ukraine at the end of February has brought a definite change of direction on the issue.

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