Horacio Rodríguez Larreta went to the building where an apartment in Recoleta caught fire

“There is a 52-year-old man in serious condition, admitted to the Rivadavia hospital with assisted ventilation”said the head of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, while confirming that they are seven minors who are under observation in two hospitals porteños.

In turn, Crescenti reported that there are 35 people served – earlier, it had been reported that there were 30 neighbors assisted -.

What the fatal victims belonged to the Jewish communityfrom the start of the fire, authorities from the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA).

“With deep regret, we express our condolences to the loved ones of the people who died in the terrible fire this morning, in the building on Ecuador Street. We wish the speedy recovery of those injured in this tragedy that saddens the entire society,” they said on their Twitter account.

After meeting with the firefighters and the medical personnel who acted in the rescue operation, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretasaid first that he gave condolences to the families of the deceased people for the “dramatic situation”.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta went to the building where an apartment in Recoleta caught fireRicardo Pristupluk

“I want to thank the commitment. Seven minutes later, the firefighters arrived who are doing a job risking their lives in a situation as difficult as this one,” the official said. Next to him, the doctor Crescenti indicated that all the deceased, three children and two adults, were members of the same family.

Due to the operation, there is a presence of Traffic Agents in the area and traffic is diverted from Córdoba Avenue through Pueyrredón. It is recommended to avoid the area due to the inconveniences that are already registered in the traffic.

From the Government of the city confirmed to THE NATION that, altogether, 30 people attended, 11 of whom were helped at the scene of the incident. Meanwhile, another 19 residents of the building affected by the flames were transferred to six health centers: seven to Gutiérrez Hospital, four to Ramos Mejía, two to Rivadavia, three to Fernández, two to Elizalde and one to Durand.

In addition, three members of the City Police were referred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital due to smoke inhalation and as a preventive measure because they were the first to arrive at the site and were in charge of evacuating the residents.

Neighbors assisted by SAME
Neighbors assisted by SAMERicardo Pristupluk

The deputy commander of the Fire Department of the city of Buenos Aires, Pablo Giardina, who led the operation to combat the fire in the building in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, stated that “The situation is totally under control”.

Giardina maintained that “the causes” that originated the fire that caused the death of three children and two adults are still unknown. Giardina specified that the fire broke out on the seventh floor of the building and spread to the eighth, while confirming that 18 people were rescued and transferred to different hospitals in the city while the health situation of other inhabitants of the building continues to be controlled. that they remain in their homes, but that “it is not necessary to evacuate them”.

Fire in a building in Recoleta, five people died, there are several injured who were transferred to different hospitals
Fire in a building in Recoleta, five people died, there are several injured who were transferred to different hospitalsRicardo Pristupluk

“We heard the desperate cries of the father of the family. He had a nervous breakdown.”, said a woman, who lives on the sixth floor of the damaged building.

“We woke up because we saw debris falling. The father had left the apartment to ask for help, he grabbed the fire extinguisher from the stairs and then he couldn’t go back into the apartment because there were very high flames, “explained the neighbor, who clarified that she and her family group did not suffer injuries.

Shortly before 6 in the morning, in the neighborhood of Recoletabegan to light up fire an apartment located in a building on the street Ecuador 1022, meters from Córdoba Avenue. For reasons that are unknown at the moment, the flames completely took over a floor that faces the front of the building. Although the firefighters arrived shortly after the start of the callsthe authorities working on the site have already confirmed that at least five people died, including three minors.

“A very great resuscitation effort was made with these patients, but they could not be removed,” lamented the head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti. The fatal victims were three children and two women.

Alberto Crescenti, head of SAME, in the serious fire in Recoleta

In all cases, the victims were rescued alive, but died on the way to health centers.

The fire developed on the seventh floor and spread to the eighth. It was registered in an environment of 3x10x2.8 meters and included the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom, all of them in general.

The flames also reached the corridors and affected a living room of the apartment that occupies the entire eighth floor, while the rest of the rooms were only affected by smoke and broken glass. Due to its magnitude, the Firefighters attacked with several lines simultaneously, with a pressure washer, in order to control it and then extinguish it.

According to Buenos Aires government sources, the building had all the enabling documentation up to date. Meanwhile, it was reported that the cause of the fire will be determined by the expert reports of the City Fire Department.

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