Fire in Recoleta

This Thursday morning began with tragic news after set fire to a building in Recoleta that claimed the lives of 5 people and injured another 35, as confirmed by SAME. “The father of the family desperately asked for help but he could not enter the apartment because everything was on fire,” said a neighbor.

The residents of the place reconstructed the tragedy through videos and testimonies, with bloody details about the desperation of the inhabitants of the building. According to the head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti, 11 members of the same family lived in the apartment. Experts work on the spot to find out what happened and the street is closed.

A neighbor who lives in the building recounted how the father of the family left the building to ask for help and then, unable to enter again. “I woke up to falling debris and my neighbor’s screams,” she said.

The father of the family desperately asked for help from the stairs; he grabbed the fire extinguisher, but he couldn’t get into the apartment because everything was on fire”, he told TN.

Fire in Recoleta

The woman was then reunited with her son and broke down in tears, after hugging. In the vicinity of the place, relatives of the Jewish community were also seen broken into tears by what happened.

Fire in Recoleta

In the middle of the rescue, emergency personnel could be seen trying to rescue the victims amid the smoke and fire. From inside, people did signs of lights so that they can be located.

Fire in Recoleta

A neighbor of the neighborhood maintained that she heard the explosion around 5 in the morning. “I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t go out on the balcony, but after a few minutes I started to smell a smell, and someone, I don’t know who, was shouting ‘help, help, help,'” she recalled. In addition, she recalled that “the smell from the smoke was unbearable“.

What is known about the victims and the fire in Recoleta

The 5 people who died were rescued alive but due to the high temperatures and smoke, they could not survive, according to Fire personnel. On the other hand, the rescued pregnant woman is already out of danger.

Fire in Recoleta

They are 3 minors and two adults. There are 18 wounded. Despite the maneuvers, the minors died. The two women died in the hospitals of Ramos Mejía and Fernández“, described Alberto Crescenti, on the first information of the event. At the close of this note, he confirmed that 35 people were treated.

Fire in Recoleta

Although the cause of the fire is unknown, the fire chief Paul Chiardin reported that it is already mastered. Crescenti asserted before the media that the fire began around 5:50 in the morning.


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