MADRID, Spain.- A fire that occurred on Wednesday night in a food store of the Guaicanamar Convention Center, located in the Regla de La Habana municipality, alarmed the inhabitants near the place, still shocked by the explosion that occurred in the Saratoga Hotel on May 6.

After it began to circulate on social networks that the incident had occurred at the Ñico López Oil Refinery, the news was denied by the official media.

Also the Cuba Petroleum Union (CUPET) clarified on Facebook: “It is false that there is a fire at the Ñico López Refinery, that facility continues its operations without difficulty.”

As reported by the Cuban News Agency (ACN), the fire was quickly controlled by firefighters and no human damage was reported.

Although they did not explain the causes of the fire in the Guaicanamar Convention Center, which belongs to the Petroleum Services Company, EMSERPET, the user Enmanuel López, from the group of Facebook “De Regla Somos”, indicated that it was due to an electrical fault.


Gas leak in Havana

Also this Wednesday an explosion occurred in a house on San Nicolás Street, No. 952, in Old Havana. The accident left three people injured, including a minor.

The explosion was due to alleged negligence committed by the owner of the house, reported the municipal mayor Alexis Acosta Silva.

The adults were transferred to the Calixto García hospital and the child to the Juan Manuel Márquez hospital.

After the explosion of the Saratoga hotel, several citizens have reported the presence of a strong smell of liquefied gas in many parts of Havana.

However, the Civil Defense of Cuba assures that the news is false, created by “unscrupulous people.”

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