They ensure that there is a risk of interface.
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Córdoba firefighters have been fighting a complicated fire in the area of Traslasierra Valleyjurisdiction of salsacate. As if that were not enough, in the afternoon, a second focus was added in the area of The top. Nevertheless, the latter has already been controlled.

Fire in Salsacate: there are evacuees and risk of interface

In Salsacate, more precisely in the Río Hondo area, hydrant planes should have stopped flying due to bad weather conditions caused by intense wind, a lot of smoke and poor visibility.

Nevertheless, volunteer firefighters on the move from barracks in those regions, personnel from the Technical Team for Action in Catastrophes (ETAC) and the Córdoba Police.

They ensure that there is a risk of interface. (Truth Radio/)

The fire continues to be of great magnitude, with a front of approximately four kilometers and risk of interfaceas detailed Radio Truth. The outlet assured that it is advancing towards the Belgrano School and private homes in Tala Cañada. There are at least 20 people evacuated and a total blockade of route province 28.

The fire front is approximately four kilometers.

The fire front is approximately four kilometers. (Truth Radio/)

Fire at La Cumbre: “It is already contained”

During the afternoon, another focus broke out in Valle de Punilla, where troops from five barracks and two aircraft worked to prevent the fire from approaching private homes. In the area of ​​El Pungo, eight people self-evacuated.

In all affected sectors, also the staff of the Comprehensive Fire Management Directorate participateProvincial Civil Protection, the Risk Management Secretariat and local municipalities.

However, moments ago, the Chief Official Leandro SanchezHead of the La Cumbre barracks, reported: “The fire is already containedthere is no area where it develops freely, there are very unstable perimeters, some isolated pockets of activity, with personnel distributed in those areas”.

Extreme risk of fires in Córdoba

“Taking into account that for this Thursday a day of high temperatures, low humidity and gusty windsfrom the Secretary of Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection, it is requested to maintain maximum caution in the face of the extreme risk of danger of starting fires ”, they emphasized from the Province.

According to the weather forecast, the maximum temperature will reach 35 degreeswhile gusts could be between 50 and 70 kilometers per hour.

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