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MADRID, Spain.- On Tuesday afternoon, fires broke out in various areas of Loma de la Cruz, a symbol of the city of Holguín. Various users on social networks shared images of the fire, confirmed by the official local media outlet Telecristal.

“HOLGUÍN: Fire at various points on Loma de Cruz. Firefighters are working to extinguish the fire, which is difficult because of the wind and that there are outbreaks in different places,” said Telecristal through Facebook.

According to Internet user Osmani Morales, “the fire was extinguished without affecting the nearby houses, and it was possible to prevent its spread to other areas of the hill,” although up to now this has not been confirmed by the Cuban authorities.

“A fire in Loma de la Cruz. How sad, one of the most beautiful places in Holguín. The firefighters arrived quickly this time, but the burned area was large”, commented Rosy Rodríguez.

Several people warned about the danger of frequent fires in Loma de la Cruz, because it is in a forest area, as well as because it is very close to a residential area.

Last September a forest fire was reported in the emblematic Loma, in the middle of a night blackout that made it difficult for the firefighters to work.

La Loma de La Cruz, the highest point in the city of Holguín, is 261 meters above sea level.

Its name comes from the wooden cross on the site, presumably first placed there in 1790 by a Franciscan friar, in the belief that it would help end periods of drought.

This point, from where panoramic views of Holguín can be appreciated, is frequently visited by tourists.

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