First full-length teaser released "Cheburashki"

The company “Central Partnership” presented on the Web the first official teaser of the full-length “Cheburashka” – with live actors and a “digital” title character. The neat face of which we were finally presented with is a kawaii guy (or whatever he is by gender).

“Everyone knows Cheburashka. Adults, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and even the Japanese Prime Minister. Everyone remembers this cute plush baby from the old cartoon. What if Cheburashka really exists? What if he is not a toy , but quite a real furry animal that lives in an orange grove in a distant country? – they ask in the synopsis of the family comedy, continuing: “What if he gets into a small town by the sea and meets an uncommunicative old man who does not need him at all, meets a little boy who cannot speak, and his mother, who brews amazing chocolate, meets strange aunt who wants to buy it and give it to her unsympathetic granddaughter?” Commentators are sad that there will be no crocodile in the picture. And there will be Sergey Garmash in the role of Gena.

Cheburashka speaks in the voice of Olga Kuzmina, our well-known voice and dubbing artist. Plus, the tape has Fedor Dobronravov, Elena Yakovleva, Artem Bystrov and Dmitry Lysenkov. Director – Dmitry Dyachenko (line “The Last Hero” and “SuperBeavers”).

In cinemas – from January 1, 2023.

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