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Five adolescents sentenced for 11J in La Güinera are released

La Güinera 11J

HAVANA, Cuba.- This Friday, five of the 95 sentenced for demonstrating on July 12 (12J) 2021 in the town of La Güinera, in Havana, were released, according to Darcy Borrero Batista, a member of the Justice 11J working group. .

“Information reaches us through some mothers of adolescents imprisoned for participating in the July 2021 protests that there are five of these, from La Güinera, who are being released after the cassation,” he claimed the journalist

Those released are between 18 and 20 years old, they had a prosecutor request for 15 years of deprivation of liberty and last March they were sentenced to seven or nine years in prison. They are: Marlon Brando Díaz Oliva, Marcos Antonio Alfonso Breto, Yensy Jorge Machado González, Frank Daniel Roy Sotolongo and Emiyoslán Román Rodríguez. The latter also has his two brothers imprisoned for the events of 12J: Mackyani and Yosney Román, 23 and 25 years old, respectively, sentenced to 12 years in prison. Their cases were presented to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, which has just met in Geneva.

La Güinera 11J

“Today, in addition, the Committee Against Torture issued its periodic report with recommendations to Cuba. This means that during the last two weeks the Cuban state has been subject to very serious reviews that have not been carried out for several years. Minors deprived of their liberty are a key issue on which each of these groups of international experts demanded precise and disaggregated information,” said Borrero Batista.

How many prisoners left the demonstrations

Eloy Bárbaro Cardoso, a university student also imprisoned for participating in the La Güinera demonstrations, is barely 18 years old and has not been released. The same thing happened with Brusnelvis Cabrera and Dariel Cruz García, both 20 years old.

“Enough of mock justice, we know that your institutions are not independent. Release them all,” demanded Salomé García Bacallao, a member of Justicia 11J.

The working group has documented at least 161 people arrested for the 12J protests in the La Güinera neighborhood, of which 139 remain in prison and 95 have been tried. This locality is also the one with the highest concentration of accused for the crime of sedition (96) in the country, the most serious charged against the protesters of 11J and 12J, and for which the sentences have amounted to up to 30 years of prison.

“There are many people still pending trial in La Güinera. Of those detained, only 21 have been released; On May 6, they released Yunior Villarejo, the Masabó brothers and those who had sentences of 10 months who were prosecuted in summary proceedings. None of these have been released halfway through their sanction,” García Bacallao explained to CubaNet.

Others released

Last week, six of the 17 11J protesters sentenced to prison in San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa province, were also released, including Yoan de la Cruz, the young man who broadcast the protests live. Those released must serve their sentences in home confinement.

The NGO Prisoners Defenders (PD) reported that at the end of April of this year, six young people convicted of the 11J protests in the province of Holguín had their sentences commuted to house arrest.

So far, it is unknown if the young people from the La Güinera neighborhood were completely freed or if it was just a change of measure.

PD currently registers 1,015 political prisoners on the island, of which 874 are protesters from 11 and 12J.

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