The municipality of Bolívar announced that there will be a partial holiday during the match of the Argentine National Team.  (photo: Instagram).
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Five Buenos Aires mayors took different measures so that municipal employees can see the debut of the Argentine National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, next Tuesday, November 22 at 7 in the morning.

Pehuajó, Bolívar, Trenque Lauquen, Pilar and Pergamino They are the three municipalities where the communal chiefs made the decision to stop the activities to watch the match of the national team against Saudi Arabia.

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Pehuajó, a municipality governed by the Peronist Pablo Zurro, arranged a partial administrative holiday in all dependencies until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Decree 1697/2022, which establishes the momentary cessation of activities, argues that the holiday is “with reason for the initial match of the Argentine National Team football in the World Cup Qatar 2022″.

In the official communiqué, Pablo Zurro clarified that “within the framework of the decree the implementation of guards is provided for in essential areas” and in journalistic statements he assured that “Watching a game is a right.”

The mayor, who was present at Cristina Kirchner’s act in La Plata for Militancy Day, explained: “We declare an administrative holiday for the World Cup because the one who works in an office can see it, but the street sweeper cannot. Equal rights, that’s what we’ve always done.”

The municipality of Bolívar announced that there will be a partial holiday during the match of the Argentine National Team. (photo: Instagram).

But Pehuajó was not the only municipality to take measures so that municipal employees can see the debut of Lionel Messi and company. Trenque Lauquen, Bolívar, Pergamino and Pilar followed the same path and reported that there will be a cessation of activities during the game.

The official Instagram account of the match Bolivarled by the Peronist Mark Pisanoinformed that next Tuesday the attention to the public in the municipal dependencies will start at 10an hour after the end of the game of the Argentine National Team.

Although there was no official decree, the Instagram post ensures that the decision taken was due to “the importance of the extraordinary event, not only in sports, but in terms of its sociocultural impact”.

They also added that “the measure responds to the possibility that municipal workers can enjoy in their homes and with their family the first match of the Argentine National Team against the Saudi Arabian national team, scheduled for 7 am, the only match of the group stage that is played on public administration days and hours”.

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In Lauquen Trainruled by the radical Miguel Fernandez, progress was made with a measure similar to that of Bolívar. The municipality informed through a statement that on November 22 “it will begin to attend later than usual”, although there will be no suspension of activities.

The municipality of Pillargoverned by the Kirchnerist Federico Achavalordered that next Tuesday there will be a partial holiday due to the decree 2645/2022. The measure will be in force from 7 in the morning to 10, at which time the usual activities will be resumed.

The news was not communicated by any official nor was it made known through the official networks of the municipality, but it was known through the Association of State Workers (ATE) of Pilar, who informed their affiliates that “the municipal offices of Pilar that provide essential services will keep them on that schedule, whether summoning freelance staff or by paying simple overtime”.

Local media reported that the municipalities of Rivadavia, Maipu and Colonel Pringles they will also start their activity past 9 in the morning, although there was no official confirmation about it.

For his part, General Pueyrredon -municipality that includes Mar del Plata and Batán- decreed a total holiday for the celebration of saint cecilia daypatron saint of the city of Mar del Plata, and there will be no attention in the provincial public administration nor will the schools work.

Five Buenos Aires mayors declared a holiday for the Argentine National Team:

The particular case of Pergamino: it ran on the day of the municipal employee for the debut of the Argentine National Team

The municipality of Parchmentled by Javier Martínez from Together for Change, was farsighted and on November 3 decreed an administrative holiday for the debut of the Argentine National Team with Saudi Arabia. She even related it to the Day of the Municipal Employee that was commemorated on November 8.

Decree 1352/2022 establishes “administrative holiday for municipal staff, on November 22, 2022, on the occasion of the celebration of the Municipal Employee Day” and informs that “the agencies that provide essential services must have the corresponding guards”.

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In addition, they reported that on Wednesday the 23rd “the municipal offices will open their doors normally.”

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