Five experiences to give on Father's Day

Sunday Brunch

Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta invites you to celebrate Father’s Day with a family gastronomic experience. To start you can opt for the salmon gravlax, scrambled eggs and brioche toast; Mediterranean Toast (dried tomatoes, capers, black olives and pesto); Avocado with poached egg or, simply, a yogurth with granola and fruit. As a second course the options are double meat hamburgers; lamb or quinoa, all accompanied by French fries or green salad. Lastly, you can opt for a chocolate eclair, a chocolat framboise tarte, flan vanielle tarte or bourdaloue tarte.


You can also choose something sweet like a croissant, a pain au chocolat, a French toast with honey or a plate of seasonal fruits, among other temptations prepared by Erika Skaffino, the hotel’s pastry chef. As for drinks, it includes a cold drink (lemonade, passion fruit, strawberry and orange juice or detox juice; a hot drink (cappuccino, coffee with milk, tehani tea strands, etc.) and to toast with Terrazas de los Andes wine. Reserve and sparkling Chandon Extra Brut.

Box with French specialties

The French Boulangerie Gontran Cherrier He devised a special box with delicatessen from his patisserie and artisanal viennoiserie to entertain parents next Sunday, June 19. The box brings together typical specialties made with top-of-the-line French and local products. It includes a brioche with ham and cheese, a croissant filled with almond cream and topped with slivered almonds, a pain au chocolat with semi-sweet chocolate, a canelé that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, a Bourdaloue tart (sucrée dough with almond cream , syrupy pears and sliced ​​almonds), a chocolate cookie and a 500cc orange juice.

It has a value of $3,800 with shipping included in CABA.

Address: Zabala 1901, Belgrano/ Malabia 1805, Palermo/ Carriage Market, Retiro

limited edition chocolate

pure cocoa launched seven different options to give away in the Father’s dayall designed for exalt the senses. Each proposal was created and designed by Rodrigo BauniChocolatier and founder of the brand, together with his team, with a clear premise: to combine flavors, aromas Y textures May they last in memory, along with the best memories.

Purocacao Father’s Day Baja.jpg

Each of the proposals for Father’s Day are from limited edition and are available in two presentations: Noir Neuf (9 chocolates) and Noir Coffret (500 grams). They can be purchased at the online store or at the Atelier in the Coghlan neighborhood. In addition, shipments are made throughout the country.

surprise breakfast boxes

In the context of Father’s Day, Mada Patisserie offers two complete breakfast boxes with 100% handmade products from the expert pastry chef Juliana Herrera Dappe. They will be available for delivery or to pick up at her boutique located in Belgrano. The Big Box includes a mini-cake of your choice with a “Dad” sign, two macarons, two walnut and dulce de leche alfajores, three chocolate truffles, a mini tangerine pudding, four chocolate and raspberry madeleines, cheese, crispy crackers with mixed seeds and two tea blends ($4,200). For its part, the Box Chico brings a mini-cake of your choice with a “Dad” sign, four chocolate truffles and three vanilla madeleines ($2,700).

Address: February 3 1064, Belgrano, CABA

benefit of 10% off

For this June 19, fan bagthe a la carte experiences gift company, offers a benefit of 10% off on its proposals: Flavors and Senses, Fancy Night, Wines and Flavors, Emotion, Charming Getaway and Theater. All Fanbags are valid for use until 09/30/2022 and can be given away both in physical and digital format.

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