Five years since the arrest.  The Brno case of leaks from police files will be discussed by the court
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A total of twenty-eight defendants, led by the former detective of the Unit for the Detection of Organized Crime Michal Ratajský, are headed to court. According to the indictment, it was he who started a business in Brno that connected police officers, businessmen and the underworld. Despite his contacts with various police departments, Ratajský’s clients were supposed to obtain protection from prosecution or non-public information from police databases, according to the indictment.

However, the unusually high number of defendants and thus also defense attorneys carries with it the risk that the trial will be delayed due to excuses. As Pravo found out, at least two of the defense attorneys have reservations about the appointed deadline. They pointed out that the case file has been sitting in the court for a year, and according to them, the hearing should have been ordered more in advance. “We already have a collision with a court hearing that is taking place in Prague on the scheduled meeting days,” lawyers who did not wish to be named told Práv, but the editors know their names.

No one wants to judge it

The indictment was filed by the High Prosecutor’s Office in Olomouc last October. But the justice system began to toss the case around like a hot potato. Judge Řepková split the case and forwarded the larger part to the local municipal court. The judge there initially called herself biased, but after a complaint from one of the defendants, the superior court ruled that she was not biased. At the instigation of the plaintiffs, the city court then sent the file to the Olomouc High Court to order the consolidation of the file. The High Court agreed, and at the end of the summer vacation, the file completed its imaginary round and returned to the beginning at the regional court.

A couple known from the Stoka corruption case awaits a return to a place with bad memories. Judge Řepková ordered the hearing to take place in the same courtroom where the former deputy mayor of the Brno-střed town hall and the head of the group involved in the manipulation of public contracts Jiří Švachula (formerly ANO) and businessman Saman El Talabani were sentenced to 9.5 years and six years in prison, respectively. Now they face further punishments here.

David Rusňák, the son-in-law of former finance minister Alena Schillerová (ANO), also figures in the case. However, the influential Brno businessman and sponsor of the movement will not go to trial, as the public prosecutor’s office has suspended his prosecution. Thus, the Russian should appear in court only as a witness.

No one wants to be judged by the Stoky offshoot monster trial

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