Flavia Royon, on the sale of Edesur: "It will not affect the population"
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“This is not going to be an immediate process, that is, it is not that this is going to affect the population from one day to the next”, but it will be “a process that is going to start and we are going to work together with the company that acquires the share package,” said Royón.

The official referred to the divestment process that Enel announced for Argentina on Tuesdayin statements he made at the Casa Rosada after the signing of an Energy Exchange memorandum with Brazil headed by President Alberto Fernández.

The group controlled by italian state announced that it will put the electricity distributor up for sale Edesur, of which it owns, as well as all of its assets in Argentina, made up of the Costanera and Dock Sud thermal power plants, the El Chocón hydroelectric concession, transmission lines, and electricity transportation.

Edesur provides services in a 3,300 km2 concession area that covers the southern zone of the City of Buenos Aires and 12 suburban districts, where it distributes electricity to nearly 2.5 million customers.

Royon commented that Enel is withdrawing “not only from Argentina but is also withdrawing from other countries with its investments”, in a process of readjustment of assets to reduce its debts, to concentrate its activity in the European markets and in the transition towards renewable energy.

“It has already happened and here there were other cases of sale in the Argentina of similar companies and we have not suffered major consequences, so we are going to work with whoever acquires the share package and meanwhile the work to adapt energy subsidies, to normalize debts with Cammesa and to review tariffs is on our agenda comprehensive for next year,” said the official.

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Rate review and new sale

Royon also anticipated that the Government has been “holding dialogues with the companies and there will be new conversations on the case with whoever acquires the share package, of course always taking care of the service it has, especially in electricity, which is what people like most impact”.

“We are facing the comprehensive rate review as promised and as was also reflected in the discussion of the Budget Law for next year”Royon stressed.

Enel’s decision was announced in the framework of the presentation of the industrial plan in Italy, when it presented its interest in leaving markets such as Peru, Argentina or Romania, to reduce its debt, including in these divestments the portfolio of its Gas in Spain.

Thus, in its new strategy for the period 2023-2025, the group will focus on six strategic countries: Italy, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

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