For party singer Andreas Gabalier (37) is "let's dance"-Professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (35) the absolute dream woman.

Andreas Gabalier surprised with his flirting attack on Ekaterina Leonova. Now the professional dancer expresses herself personally about the enthusiasm of the party singer.

For party singer Andreas Gabalier (37), “Let’s Dance” professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (35) is the absolute dream woman. © Britta Pedersen/zb/dpa, Georg Wendt/dpa (image montage)

It was surprising words that the 37-year-old Austrian spoke in an interview with came over the lips. When asked about his dream woman, the self-proclaimed “folk rock’n’roller” bluntly and specifically named the pretty Russian who has been delighting RTL viewers with her choreographies for many years.

“She’s funny, I’d like to dance with her,” Gabalier continued. On a lonely island he would only take his guitar and “Ekat” with him.

The current single had previously described how his idea of ​​an ideal partner was. “She should be humorous and down-to-earth. And she should understand me. I’m a very sociable little guy, you have to get involved with that first. I’m an open person and I like to be on the go.”

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So will show business soon have a new dream couple? In conversation with the “picture“The adored newspaper spoke up about the flirting attack.

“Andreas is a likeable guy. And if he wants to dance with me so much, you might see each other on the floor,” said the 35-year-old beauty, who was not averse to a possible rendezvous.

The lonely island will probably remain a pipe dream for Gabalier. The reason is very simple: “Dancing in the sand is quite difficult,” joked “Ekat”.

The two have even run into each other at breakfast in a Cologne hotel. It remains to be seen whether he will break down open love doors with his recent advances with the native Russian.

After all: The 35-year-old is currently also single and lives in Munich, so almost just a dance step away from Austria.

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