Florence + The Machine have to cancel tour due to broken foot
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Bad luck for the many fans of the group Florence + The Machine. The remaining shows of their UK tour have been canceled due to frontwoman Florence Welch breaking her foot.

Tom Vets

There are eight shows in total. The concerts will be moved to next year, but no new dates have been set yet. A few days ago, the British singer suffered a lot from her foot. After an x-ray it turned out to be broken.

The front woman is very bored with the case. “It is absolutely not my habit to cancel a tour, especially if it takes place in my home country,” she responds. “But I’m in too much pain right now. “Any sane dancer knows that it is not smart to dance with a broken foot.”

The Dance Fever Tour will in any case be resumed in Australia after the New Year. Perhaps the canceled British shows will be next.

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