Sometimes it’s hard to separate the artist from the person, but the glamor of the videos, the millions of listeners and the top charts Spotify collapse upon meeting enzo sauthier, better known as FMK.

The 22-year-old, from Necochea, is warm, simple and even with a certain endearing shyness that makes one forget that he is one of the most listened to Argentine artists in the world. “On stage or on the street you have to try to be yourselfhave your feet on the ground and enjoy with the people you love”, says the musician.

FMK at the Movistar Arena (FMK Press)

Enzo began his relationship with letters at the age of nine, when he began to write poetry. Later, that passion led him to participate in several freestyle battles and his first compositionsalthough it was not until he was 18 that he decided to bet everything on urban music and, together with his partner and producer Big Onereleased their first big hit, “Forgive me”.

Today, with a million and a half subscribers on Youtubemore than six million monthly listeners on Spotify and the release of his first album “Desde el Espacio”, FMK is one of the great references of urban music in Argentina and sits alone with Profile for the first time in his four-year career.

How does it feel to be part of this musical revolution in Argentina and the international positioning it is having?

The truth is that It is something very nice for me to be able to enjoy doing what I like in this time of the resurgence of a new genre here in Argentina, where urban music is positioning itself globally and that we can be part of that. We work hard to be where we are.

FMK with Tiago PZK
FMK with Tiago PZK at the Movistar Arena (FMK Press)

The boom of the Argentine music industry

What do you think was the turning point where it exploded globally?

I think there are several points. Duki and Khea doing She don’t give a FO. Cazzu he also brought out his thing and they did the remix with bad bunny (Crazy, 2018) and put Argentina on the map. But when Mary (Becerra) came out and they took Plus my remix (2021), everything was unified with the Latin American market And that’s where it exploded, I think.

You have a facet as a composer that not everyone knows and you are responsible for songs like Lie to Me from Tiny, Thief of Lali or Four twenty by Emilia Mernes What do you enjoy more, composing for yourself or for other artists?

The truth is that they are two different things, but very beautiful at the same time. enter the studio and recording a song for myself, knowing what I want to show, is something that I lovebut going into the studio and recording a song for another artist, knowing that it’s going to help him on his way, too.

The impact of social networks and haters

How important are social networks for urban music and how do you get along with the comments?

Networks are our first center of communication, but the truth is that today we live in a world where everyone believes they have the power to give their opinion about the other.

FMK at the movistar arena
FMK presented their album “Desde el Espacio”. (FMK Press)

Behind a screen, a person can ruin your day, do you understand? I am someone who is not very above the comments. I prefer to be in my day to day. But I say it today, after four and a half years of career.

When I put out my first songs, there were two people. If someone told you at one in the afternoon that you were the best, you thought you were the best until four, that another told you that your music was crap and the rest of the day I thought it was crap, because it was something new for my.

Today I know what I can find. These are things we have to live with. But the truth is in the love that one finds in the street, with the people who greet you, who tells you the good news, asks you for a photo or stays talking about your music or how it changed his life. That is what really exists.

His relationship with María Becerra and the presentation of Thunder with Gorillaz

Since they met in 2019, they have built a great personal and professional relationship with María Becerra. Who is María today in your life?

Mary is like my little sister, she is my best friend. Several years have passed since we met. I remember that day we recorded your lady (2019), which was one of the first songs he released on his EP, and we had a bottle of honey whiskey (laughs). From day one we have a very nice chemistry and it is an honor to work with her.

FMK and Maria Becerra
FMK and María Becerra at the Movistar Arena (FMK Press)

I am very proud of all that he has achieved and those of us who know her closely know that she is a girl who works every day, 24 hours, 25 hours, to be where you are. She messes with her all the time, she composes, it’s crazy how she composes. She is admirable and I always learn from her.

I have been lucky enough to be in several jobs together and, when we have free time, we meet and laugh our asses off, because friendship has always come first, above all else.

How did you see your participation in the Grammy Awards?

Tremendous! A 22-year-old girl, standing on the grammysversus Justin Bieberin front of people that we listen to and see as references, and sing for them and for millions of people who are watching television, It is something very important and historic for Argentina and for all of us.

Obviously, it is thanks to his talent, his personality and what moves him, but also by putting discipline into him, that he is very respectable.

Not many put in every day to get where they want to go and knowing that a 22-year-old girl has her path so clear and that she, along with her team, formed something so great and that they are growing more and more, based on a very hard work, is to applaud them.

Watch the moment FMK talks about María Becerra

And what do you think of Trueno’s participation with Gorillaz in Quilmes Rock?

Crazy. I didn’t get a chance to see it, I was traveling, but I think it’s amazing. Trueno is a little detached from the commercial and chooses to make another type of music and has always stuck to the letter with his style, and has reached a place he deserves.

And to have the numbers that he has and the arrival that he has, showing what he really wants to show and that a legend like Gorillaz invites him to sing, for us it is something incredible and We all celebrate together, because everything that happens here in Argentina is great.

“From space”, the Movistar Arena and the present of FMK

Where are you in your career today?

I think I am at my best artistic and personal moment. Always trying to learn and grow even more. I’m very happy to have released an album recently, which was a great achievement too. It was a piece that I wanted to release for a long time, showing a repertoire that I felt defined me during 2020 and 2021.

I already have my next songs and they are totally detached from the album, with another proposal, with another type of head. And besides, I’m also looking forward to it because we’re going to shoot the video that comes out in July.

FMK at the movistar arena
The artist from Necochea in full show. (FMK Press)

How did you experience the show at the Movistar Arena and share your album with people?

It was crazy. She had already had many shows, but never one of her own and less so in a Movistar Arena. It seemed very crazy to me that there were a lot of people in the same place to see meto sing my music

There were moments where we connected, where we enjoyed, where we cried. Yes, I want to explain it as it was, it will never come out, because What I experienced there was unique to me.

And you dedicated it to your old man and moved all your fans…

Yes, I dedicated it to my old man who hasn’t been here for a year or so and my mom was right there and I wanted to dedicate it to both of them, because they are the two most important people in my life.

The fat man has always shared everything, he was there, he talked to the fans, what this, what the other. I knew that in that show I would have been in the front row crying also. So yes, we dedicate it to him.

This was what Enzo told Reperfilar about his show at the Movistar Arena

What’s coming in the FMK universe

A new special release is coming soon. What can you tell us ahead of time?

It’s a topic outside of what I’ve been doing. On the album I showed a lot of party music, more electronic sounds and here I came to a more heartfelt song, more organic, so to speak.

We composed it with Big One and El Mago (Valentín Andersen), guitarist of El Plan de la Mariposa. The video is very calm, it’s the three of us there playing, because I wanted to detach myself a little from everything that’s been happening.

I came in plan “a reggaeton that breaks our heads”, which I love, Reggaeton is the genre that I like the most and I will choose it all my lifebut I wanted to detach myself a bit and go somewhere else.

This is a new song that I want to show my people, with a nice message and I think they will like it a lot and, knowing that they have told me that my music helps them and that it has given them comfort in difficult times. yesI feel that it is a topic that is going to help a lot of people.

FMK with María Becerra (GTZA: VRC/J.Rogoski)

And what else is coming besides this release?

Several more releases are coming throughout the year and I’m planning to release another album soon. I was left handle of the first (laughs). We also have the tour now in June across the country. Then Chile comes in September, I think, and I will surely visit Spain this year.

And trying to live day to day as well, inserting and enjoying the present a little bit, that sometimes, in the midst of so much hubbub, we get lost

.What is the difference between Enzo and FMK?

I think none, because beyond a name, it is how I am, how I show myself, how I live and what I try to convey. I think that on stage, or on the street, you have to try to be yourselfhave your feet on the ground and enjoy with the people you love.

Look at FMK’s note in ReProfilAr

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