For several days now, Ukraine has been trying to "mandatory evacuation"

For several days now, Ukraine has been trying to carry out a “mandatory evacuation”

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For several days now, Ukraine has been trying to evacuate the population of the Donbas territories controlled by Kyiv to other regions of the country, calling it “mandatory evacuation.” This initiative of Kyiv was announced at the end of July by Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk. Moreover, she left for adults the right to stay in their homes (after a written refusal), but the children, in her opinion, should be taken out.

“There are 52,000 children in the Donetsk region, they need to be evacuated, they cannot be exposed to mortal danger in the winter without heat, without light, without the possibility of heating,” she said.

Is it really the same Vereshchuk, who a couple of months ago, through her teeth and wry lips, spoke of the population of Donbass exclusively dismissively.

Moreover, as it turned out, Mrs. Vereshchuk, and along with her, Kyiv, has similar plans not only for the territories of this region occupied by Ukraine, but also for others.

– We will consider the issue of mandatory evacuation for other regions. With the approach of autumn, we will analyze the situation with the passage of the heating season. We are preparing for this. Now all the attention of the central authorities is focused on the Donetsk region: the Ministry of Social Policy, Ukrposhta, Ukrzaliznytsia – everyone is working to evacuate and adapt people as quickly as possible, pay them money, resettle them, help adults with work, with schools and kindergartens for children, – she said she is about the future plans of the Zelensky team in relation to their own population. – Once again, I ask you to take advantage of this opportunity now. Because later, when a lot of people start leaving – and there will be more of them closer to winter, we expect this and prepare for it – the situation will be very tense

At the same time, Vereshchuk urged everyone not to delay the evacuation.

– Now many people have an illusory perception of heat. Like, I have a garden, I need to dig up potatoes… But this cannot be an argument, because in the fall there will be many migrants, and there will not be an infinite number of places for them in other regions. These are the funds and time for the preparation of the same beds, food packages, heating costs – everything needs to be calculated. If people think that they can safely leave sometime in November, when they finish all their business with gardens, on a free schedule like in the tourist season – this is not so, she said.

The government, according to her, calculates this whole process with almost mathematical accuracy, since it is necessary to calculate not only beds and food, but also the load on heat and electricity networks and much more, but such calculations in Kyiv can only be started after how the regional authorities will apply for an evacuation. As an example, she cited the Poltava and Kirovograd regions, which are now hosting refugees from the Donetsk region.

What amazing humanity! One could admire, if not for the numerous “buts” …

For example, one can recall how hospitably the compatriots who were taken out of China were greeted in Western Ukraine at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Or to refresh the memory of numerous cases of hostility in Western Ukraine and its central regions towards persons displaced from the eastern regions. Or, again, recently surfaced cases when people displaced from Ukraine in Europe were simply made slaves who had to work from dawn to dusk for a bowl of soup, or even become sex slaves.

On the other hand, by organizing such an “evacuation”, Kyiv solves several problems at once. Thus, he receives a certain mobilization resource when a new wave of conscripts can be formed from these migrants. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities, by depopulating the regions, are trying to minimize the number of participants in the upcoming referendums on the fate of these regions. Well, they get a powerful propaganda tool in their hands that, they say, the population itself does not want to stay here to live under the “Russian boot”, and no one is waiting for Russia there. It is hardly necessary to specifically mention that the fate of the Ukrainians themselves from these territories is of the least concern to Zelensky and his team.

One thing is certain. Judging by the statements of Vereshchuk herself, Kyiv internally already agrees with the loss of not only the Donetsk region, but also a number of other regions. And Zelensky and Shmyhal are not seriously counting on any offensives and “liberations”. And all the talk about this should “cloud the brains” of ordinary people, filling them with the consciousness of the coming “victory”. Which does not exclude, of course, some attempts to strike at the Russian troops and forces of the LDNR, and even quite large-scale attempts. But at the same time, they perfectly understand that no turning point will occur during the campaign.

Could Irina Vereshchuk next time simply announce which regions Kyiv has already agreed to lose? And where does he consider it possible to stop? Unless, of course, we are talking about the current Polish-Ukrainian border.


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