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For applauding Cristina Kirchner, they demanded her resignation from a rural organization

Cristina Kirchner in Chaco.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of the Austral Chaco, Manuel Garcia Soláreceived strong pressure from the countrysideto resign his other director’s position in a rural association body for giving a standing ovation to the vice president Cristina Kirchner.

Kirchner was honored with the title of Honorary Doctorate in Chaco on Friday, May 6, a ceremony in which she was accompanied by the authorities of the house of high studies. To her left was Manuel García Solá, who not only served as Carlos Menem’s former Minister of Education, but is also related to several agricultural companies and even occupies the position of director of the Regional District 9 of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA). For this very reason, in the midst of the tensions with the countryside and the history of Cristina Kirchner with this productive sector, the criticism was swift.

Manuel García Solá while applauding the Vice President of the Nation.

In this sense, the members of the Sachayoj Rural Society They shared a statement in which they repudiate “energetically the unserious and almost mocking acts towards the entire agricultural arc of the head of Manuel García Solá in an act of delivery of an honorary title to former president Cristina Kirchner”.

“They do nothing more than turn on the lights and alerts of all the entities, since they clearly we are being infiltrated by those who not only steal from us with their faces uncovered, but also who intend to make us disappear as producers”, affirmed the association.

Cristina Kirchner in Chaco: “There are no fights in the Executive, what there is is a debate of ideas”

In this way, the director of another district and the main candidate for the opposition within the Rural, Alexander Ferrerorequested Solá’s resignation from the leadership of District 9 for choosing the “public effusiveness and silence during and after the actinstead of a sincere defense of the interests of the producers”, as he learned The Country Nation.

Garcia Solá’s reaction

In a dialogue with the portal Value addedthe vice chancellor He ruled out that he participated in the act due to “partisanship” or on behalf of the SRA; On the contrary, he was present at the delivery of the title due to his functions in the house of high studies.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Chaco 20220506
After the award ceremony, Cristina Kirchner gave a long talk.

Thus, he clarified that this title will also be given to former presidents Mauricio Macri Y Eduardo Duhalde.

“My condition as director of the SRA has nothing to do with my teaching position for 20 years appointed by competition at the University”, he considered and concluded: “I see no connection between one thing and another”.

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