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FOR RIPLEY’S there was the “warning” that Andrés Manuel López Obrador made to the candidates to succeed him in 2024 to be promoted when they still have responsibilities as public servants.

AND IT IS THAT that “the people are going to punish them for campaigning” was heard softer than a tap with the open palm on the back of the hand to a naughty kid.

WHEN officials who violate the electoral law are not supposed to be punished by the INE and the Trife for anticipated campaign acts and, where appropriate, by the Ministry of Public Administration for misuse of public resources?

THE FACT is that López Obrador himself, by accelerating the times of the succession, made most of the activities of three of his main collaborators sound like a pre-campaign, look like a pre-campaign and smell like a pre-campaign. And if he quacks like a duck and walks like a duck…


There has been STRONG criticism within the PAN of its national president, Marko Cortés, for endorsing the alliance with the PRI and the PRD, a decision that several albiazules consider a losing strategy.

EVEN MORE because, instead of marking his distance from PRI Alejandro “Alito” Moreno, after the scandal over his strident audios, the PAN leader gave him a boost!

Hence, within the albiazul party, a current is being created that seeks to break with the tricolors and PRDs to promote a rapprochement with the Citizen Movement… yes, the oranges need to be interested.


MORE TASTY than a traditional chorizo ​​cake to put on Morena’s presidential catwalk that will take place tomorrow in Toluca.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will arrive in the capital of Edomex; the head of Segob, Adán Augusto López, and the head of the Government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, to start the campaign in search of the government of that entity in 2023.

THOSE who know how the mud from the trees of life is cooked say that the president of the capital arrives with an advantage, since, of the three presidential corcholatas, she is the one who has been closest to the morenista candidates for governor.

IN FACT, last week he met in his offices the three Texcocans who are up for that candidacy: the director of Customs, Horacio Duarte; the head of the SEP, Delfina Gómez, and Senator Higinio Martínez.

AND ALTHOUGH the three contenders for the National Palace are expected to carry their best cheers, it is anticipated that the loudest will be that of Sheinbaum, who will practically play at home.

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