while uribismo is silent

My vote for Rodolfo Hernández has already been sung, but today I am trying to convince those who still cannot distinguish the truth from the lie that fills the networks, to decide in the face of an unprecedented dilemma: democracy and freedom with Hernández; socialism and dictatorship with Petro. For this reason, beyond the “anti-Petro” vote, I want to highlight the values ​​that I find in who will be the next president of Colombia.

First, the commitment to govern “with logic”. Hernández is a civil engineer, like me, a profession in which decisions are not made on impulse, but based on plans and calculations; common sense, planning, economy and quality. Engineer Hernández is an informed decision maker, because the bad ones are expensive and the good ones are lucky and profitable, as evidenced by his business success.

Second, to govern “ethically”, rather than a campaign commitment, it is a duty, although it always remains a discourse, since the ruler does not have enough bureaucracy and the budget to pay for the candidate’s commitments.

In the campaign it is known what the government will be like. After a clean and austere, Hernández will reach the presidency with his hands free, to put together a team of competent and not recommended. Instead, Petro will fall by the wayside, due to a campaign turned into a sewer that collected the worst of the political class and fell into baseness that scandalized the country. Still, with the bundle of his commitments, his government would not be “more of the same”, but much worse.

And third, the commitment to “aesthetics” in a government, although it seems superfluous and opposed to Rodolfo’s unbuttoned character, refers to balance and order, essential components of beauty. Balance is stability and the opposite of the extremism that kills our society. Order is the condition of a good administrator and it is austerity, while in disorder, as we well know, waste and corruption grow.

With regard to Hernández’s unbuttoned character, let us not be confused. “So much simplicity”, that a high-class columnist found it “inappropriate for a president”, on the contrary, is an attribute of aesthetics, which contrasts with the arrogance of others and the presidential pageantry to which we are accustomed. Perhaps we don’t want more “excellent ones”, but rulers who resemble the people they rule.

A “logical, ethical and aesthetic” government. That is my choice.

NB My previous column was titled “Worse Impossible”, but it wasn’t. In eight days, Petro’s daughter threatened the country, her wife tried to… the journalists, with her son and Petro himself; a journalist from El Espectador fell even lower, and although he apologized, like Mrs. Alcocer, what is written is written, even if it is “unpublished”, while Guillermo Cano, the martyr, turns over in his grave. And what was missing, Petro does not rule out reviving the M-19!


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