For this reason Lupe Esparza asks Christian Nodal for a public apology and accepts his mistake

Mexico.- At 23 years old, Christian Nodal is one of the most successful artists of the regional genre today, but in the beginning there were those who did not believe in his talent, such as Lupe Esparza, who now repents and accepts his mistake.

In 2016, Christian Nodal released his first single, “Adiós amor”, which catapulted him to fame not only in Mexico, but also in the United States.

But for Lupe Esparza, vocalist and leader of the Bronco group, it would be her debut and farewell, since she did not consider that Nodal could consolidate a career.

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Lupe Esparza believed that Nodal’s sudden success would not last. Photo: Instagram

Lupe Esparza thinks about Christian Nodal

However, after several years of great success, Lupe had to ‘suck her words’ and accept that she was wrong in judging Belinda’s ex-fiancé.

“I’ve always said that when a new artist comes out and a song comes out and goes to the horns of the Moon, it’s a debut and a farewell, because that’s how it normally happens, there’s no staggering slowly,” Lupe said in an exclusive interview with “Ventaneando “.

But in this case with Nodal I was wrong and I thought that this song, which was super successful, was going to get there, “accepted Lupe Esparza.

The leader of Bronco pointed out that the singer from Caborca, Sonora, has potential and talent, that he should not be left alone in the scandals in which he has recently been involved.

“I think they knew how to do it very well and harvested very good, interesting songs, and I see the potential for him to be an artist who takes care of himself and stays.”

Nodal is currently one of the most successful representatives of the regional genre. Photo: Instagram

Lupe revealed that he was also attentive to the “gossip” of Christian Nodal’s thunder with Belinda.

“They are taking care of him a lot in terms of music, obviously in terms of scandals, all of Mexico was paralyzed because he lost to Belinda, everyone was worried, but I like his music.”

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