Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib (MR) goes to Qatar: “Discuss human rights with FIFA”
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Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hadja Lahbib (MR), is leaving for the World Cup in Qatar today. There she will make a statement on behalf of our country, the federal government has decided

In that statement, the ministers will certainly talk about LGBT rights, as can be heard in the corridors. Especially now that FIFA has boycotted the ‘one love’ captain’s armbands. “We regret FIFA’s decision and will pass it on as is,” said Lahbib. “This once again underlines the importance of going on the ground and having a discussion about human rights, including rights of LGBTQI. I will do the same in Doha. I have requested a meeting with both the Qatari authorities and FIFA.”

In addition, Lahbib’s schedule also includes a meeting with the International Labor Organization (ILO). Not unimportant in light of the labor exploitation scandals in Qatar. (hh)

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