Ameri resigned after the scandal

The federal justice of Salta sent the former national deputy to an oral trial Juan Carlos Ameri for starring in an intimate scene during a virtual session. the federal judge Alexander Augusto Castellanos decided to open the case for debate for the crime of hindrance of the functional act and the former deputy’s request to be dismissed was rejected.

During the investigation of this case, which lasted eight months, the former deputy’s defense requested his dismissal for lack of intent on the part of his client. In his defense, the former deputy said that it was not his intention to hinder the session, and that in fact the one who interrupted it was the president of the Chamber of Deputies Serge Massa. “This is not the appropriate stage to discuss the existence or not of intent, which should happen during the trial,” said Snopek, who asked to reject the proposal and supported his accusation.

The judge considered that the case should be brought by a single-person court because it is a crime with a penal scale of conditional prison, and agreed with the defense and the prosecution that the oral trial should be held in the Federal Capital. The case was referred to the Federal Oral Court of Salta to decide if his transfer is appropriate.

Ameri resigned after the scandal

The legislator had been registered in an intimate situation, with an explicit sexual connotation, while exposing his counterpart Carlos Heller, in the remote session during which the law to defend the assets of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund was debated.

Immediately after the episode, which had repercussions in the media around the world, the former salteño legislator was suspended by the president of the Chamber of Deputies Serge Massa and expelled from the block Everyone’s front. Ameri eventually gave up her bench. He was replaced on his bench by the anthropologist from Salta Alcira Figueroa.

Diana Conti, on Deputy Ameri: "The best thing to do is give up"
Diana Conti, on Deputy Ameri: “The best thing he can do is resign”

Ameri belongs to the El Aguante group of the Victory Party. He was part of the Science, Technology and Productive Innovation commissions -of which he was secretary-, Energy and Fuels, Transport, Maritime, River, Fishing and Port Interests, Tourism -as secretary-, Mining and Defense National. He lasted less than a year at the head of his bench as a deputy.

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