Formosa: an official resolution allows students to pass the year with 19 previous subjects

The high school students who owe up to 19 previous subjects from previous years can pass from year to year Formosa. This was determined by resolution No. 1953/22 of May 2, which establishes an “assisted promotion.”

The measure supports the enrollment of students to attend the 2022 school year, even if they owe all the subjects they had to pass in 2020. Besides, It allows have three previous subjects from 2021 and another three from years prior to 2020. A year of high school has 13 subjects.

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Mirka Fernández, secretary general of Self-Convened Teachers of Formosa, said in dialogue with TN that the initiative does not surprise her and that this also happens in other provinces. As he stated, there are resolutions of the Federal Council of Education that provide the framework for making this type of decision.

“Education in Formosa and throughout the country is unfortunate”Fernandez maintained. The teacher pointed out that measures of this type are being taken that imply “loosening the demands” and that, in this way, the student who finishes high school does not have the tools to be able to develop a tertiary or university career. “We have been retracting content for a long time,” she assured.

According to the teacher, there are guidelines, national policies, which are signed by the ministers of all the provinces, for this to happen. “What interests them are the statistics, the numbers, and not the pedagogical issue”he claimed.

They are not interested in the boy or education. I am seriously concerned about the situation. Everyone’s concern should be what we’re doing with those kids. In what conditions will they continue this year?”, closed the referent of Formosan teachers.

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