Karol G and Anahí surprised the public by appearing together on stage to perform the song “Salvame” during their concert in Mexico City. This was the first time that Anahí returned to the stage after 11 years of absence.

After her performance, the two hugged each other and thanked each other. Going down to the stage, Karol G tells Anahí that she brought him a gift and was going to give it to him behind the scenes.

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Through her Instagram stories, Anahí published a photo of a necklace with a heart of thorns, similar to the one that the reggaeton artist has tattooed on her left arm.

Along with the gift, he gave her flowers and the message: «Anahí, this moment will forever be marked in my heart. Love you”.

Karol G’s gift to Anahí.

For her part, Anahí wrote the message: “I just received the most beautiful gift!”

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